Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Smart Cops

The Italian gents in Smart Cops are another one of those bands that are best described as punk, but slip through the cracks into other genres as well. This time around it's rock, surf, and a nice slice of pop served with fuckin' attitude. Their earlier 7"s lean more towards the punk side, but it's still real catchy with surf and pop elements here and there. My personal favorite is their LP and latest release, Per Proteggere e Servire. Catchy, poppy, dancy, and surf-tastic! Some how the punk attitude is still present on the LP, but it doesn't try to grab you by the balls like their older releases do. I highly recommend the LP. Beneath the Smart Cops discography, I posted a music video of one the tracks from it. If you can't dig on that, then you're just a heartless son of a bitch.

Note: the 2009 US Tour One-sided 7" are just cover songs about cops, and it's one track. Sorry for inconvenience.           

Members were also in: La Pivora

For fans of: The Cars, La Pivora, & Scena

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