Sunday, October 9, 2011


Phoenix, Arizona's Elders is a hardcore punk band that is straight-up fuckin' awesome!  The band's overall sound is raw, dark, menacing, violent, crusty and mighty pissed off!  Your speakers are filled with thick fuzzy distortions, crashing cymbols, pounding drums and furious shouting in the mic.  From what I understand, the band only released their Blind Rage LP, that shreds so fuckin' hard! It's insane!  One of the best punk full lengths Iv'e heard in a while.  Hopefully they're working on another release real soon 'cuz i'm fiendin' for more.  Snag it below if you haven't dabbled yet.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Nomos, Hoax, Raw Nerve & Suburbanite

Blind Rage LP (2011)

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