Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corn On Macabre

We Are The Undead.    CORN ON MACABRE
Corn On Macabre is a dark and grimey horror themed mix of punk and grindcore from Virginia.  They only lasted from 2001-2002 but they left a huge mark on the scene today.  Disgusting vocals flood through the distortion of maniacal punk madness.  Utter chaos with slight touches of eerie melodic parts.  Members of this band also played in Pg. 99, Forensics, Waifle, Enemy Soil, Darkest Hour and more.  Below I posted their entire discography.  Endulge deep in the destruction that is Corn On Macabre.  DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Majority Rule, Crestfallen & Pig Destroyer

Chapters I & II With Deleted Scene

Thought I'd Throw Up This Cool-Ass Flyer For Shits
Handbill for Toxic Avenger 4 Premiere (NYC) in My Photos by

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  1. Track numbers 3, 7 and 13 are all corrupted. :( if you have some time to fix it, that'll be great!