Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Crux

Big Crux hails from Seattle, Washington and plays and funky combination of hardcore, skate-rock and post-punk that's so damn catchy.  The energy is always high and the mood these guys set with their sound is super positive and smile-inducing.  Snag everything below and have fun with these upbeat and driving jams.  Boogie down and dig.

Ponchito LP cover art
Ponchito LP (2014)

"R13" from split 7" w/Criminal Code cover art
Criminal Code Split 7" (2013)
(B<X Track Only)

"Anvil of Stars" on NNT 2013 Comp cover art
Welcome To 2013 Comp. LP

Big Crux is a Big Funk EP cover art
Big Crux Is Big Funk 7" (2011)

Nature Cruising EP cover art
Nature Cruising 12" EP (2011)

Redwing Blackbird

New Hampshire's Redwing Blackbird consists of two best friends playing a damn enjoyable form of acoustic folk rock.  I love every one of their releases! Heartfelt, catchy & flawlessly crafted songs will make you fiend like a junkie for more.  Perfect for any mood, snag it all!  Posted below is everything I could find from them.  Dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Death To Tyrants, Dweller On The Threshold & Footings

Birds of a Feather cover art
Birds Of A Feather (2013)

Walk With Me cover art
Walk With Me (2013)

That River Skinned A Bear cover art
That River Skinned A Bear (2010)

Winter Versions / Ampere Songs (2009)

Redwing Blackbird (2007)

Sing Me To Sleep (2006)

Preskool Dropouts

Picture of Preskool Dropouts
Boston, still spitting out ragingly insane hardcore as usual.  Preskool Dropouts released two demos on Twerp Records that're unbelievably rowdy.  This material is a raw and stomping thrash-fest of classic Boston HC sounds that will have you hooked instantly.  Enough said, snag below and punch something.  Dig.

Demo Too Cassette (2015)

Demmo Cassette (2014)

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Buffalo, New York's Blobs are a straight-ahead, rock-fused punk band that doesn't shy away from awesome grooves.  These guys and gal create tunes that're loaded with tasty licks, moving bass lines, upbeat drums and gritty female fronted groans.  Their jams are rad as hell so snag 'em up and dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Space Wolves, Bad People & Brown Sugar

Shame cover art
Shame Cassette (2015)

Blobs Demo cover art
Demo Cassette (2015)

Feral Kid Mix-Tape Vol.II cover art
Feral Kid Mix-Tape Vol. II (2015)
(Blobs Track Only)

The Afternoon Gentlemen

Picture of The Afternoon Gentlemen
The Afternoon Gentlemen, from Leeds, England,  is a jaw-dropping and unpredictable mincegrind/powerviolence outfit drenched with drunken aggression.  These guys play faster, harder and more precise than most attempted bands of the genre.  This is a clever and brutal start-stop grind band that constantly blows my mind.  They have the perfect mixture of face-melting grindcore and punk-as-fuck powerviolence that's highly addictive.  Enjoy the crushing speed and download everything I could find below.

The Afternoon Gentlemen/Lycanthrophy split 10" cover art
Lycanthrophy Split 10" (2015)
(T.A.G. Tracks Only)

S/T LP cover art
Self Titled LP (2015)

Grind In The Mind 7" cover art
Grind In The Mind 7" (2014)

Power Joogle Pogger Violence 10" (2012)

Pissedography LP/CD (2009-2011)

White Cider Chronicles : The Birdshit Basement Sessions (2007-2008)

Aggression Pact

Aggression Pact is a menacing hardcore punk group with quite the pedigree of members.  This ripping brand of American hardcore is direct and on-fucking-point with supercharged riffs, pummeling drum work and tough vocal grunts.  These guys don't let up and create a constant barrage of punk intensity.  Snag their jams below and dig hard!

PKR-058: Aggression Pact 7" cover art
Self Titled 7" (2015)

Image result for aggression pact promo
Promo Cassette (2014)


Ilmestys brings a breath of fresh air to the raw black metal scene. Both of these tapes are absolutely insane! Get on this. "Total fucking whirlwind of chaos not to be slept on. Driving riffs, incredible drumming, and layers of noise encircle you in despair and supernatural anxiety."

Demo II (2015)

Demo I (2012)

Post Teens

Post Teens is a completely kick-ass garage punk supergroup from Gainesville, FL.  These guys are energetic, gritty and super-catchy.  Their sound can be summed up as fuzzy, snotty and grungy reverb-soaked surf-punk with driving riffs, thumping bass, incredible drumming (Rick Smith is a manic!) and grungy-yet-melodic vocals.  Post Teens is so damn addictive and fun beyond belief.  Snag these tasty jams and dig your brains out.  DIG!!!

Post Teens / Big Eyes Split 7" (2014)

Post Teens / Rose Cross (2014)

Post Teens / Mauser Split Flexi 7" (2012)

The Heat 7" (2012)

Self Titled 7" (2011)

Demo Cassette (2011)

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Picture of Ivy
NYC's Ivy is a noisy hardcore punk outfit that's stamped with 80's lo-fi vibes.  This band's off-kilter sounds consist of fuzzy guitar riffs, bass parts soaked in effects, stomping drums and snotty vocal howls.  Ivy blends noise rock and thrashing hardcore punk with a completely original sound all their own.  Snag below if you haven't yet indulged.  Dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Brown Sugar, Weird TV, DeformityKaleidoscope & Birdsounds

A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem 7" cover art
A Cat's Cause, No Dogs Problem 7" (2015)

Self Titled 12" EP (2014)

Demo Cassette (2013)


Unfun is a gruff and fuzzed-out punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that brings a whole lot of noise to the table.  Their sound is an upbeat mixture of raw pop-punk and a darker indie vibe that's all soaked with distortion and grit.  This band is amazing and really sounds like they give their all in every song.  Outside their rough and gloomy tone, these guys are driving, energetic and seriously fun as hell.  Snag everything below and have a blast.  Dig!

Shores of Lake Erie cover art
Shores Of Lake Erie 12" EP (2014)

Muhammad Ali Split 7" cover art
Muhammad Ali Split 7" (2012)
(Unfun Tracks Only)

Caroline 7" (2012)

Unfun / Despite Everything Split 7" (2012)

Sick Outside View LP (2011)

Stymie split 7" cover art
Unfun / Stymie Split 7" (2010)

S.O.V. Demos (2010)

Pain Prescription 7" (2009)