Sunday, July 12, 2015

Chain Rank

This is rowdy Boston hardcore that punches hard as fuck.  Chain Rank delivered a driving hardcore masterpiece of a demo, a three song promo that also contains a ripping live set and now they finally dropped their latest beast-of-an-LP!!!!!!  Snag everything below, get stoked, stomp around and dig.

Image result for chain rank up against the wall lp
Up Against The Wall LP (2015)

Up Against The Wall Promo & Live Cassette (2014)

The Grip Demo Cassette (2013)


  1. NEED a copy of this.. anyone have one for sale / trade?

  2. yo can upload a zip of the new lp up against the wall? broke as fuck thanks!

  3. I had to check these guys out, since the High Tension Wires LP I just ordered was packaged in three of these guys album covers... now I wish the LP was included, now I have to pay for the LP