Sunday, July 12, 2015


Picture of Host — Photo: Angela Owens
HOST was some raw and seriously pissed off hardcore from New Hampshire.  These dudes play a dark, pummeling and mean as hell combination of metallic hardcore, d-beat and punk.  This stuff is beefed up, crusty and fast as hell with non-stop energy, brutal slow parts, and harsh vocals.  Since 2010 they've dropped a demo, a 7" EP, a split 7" with NH's KYOTY and finally a long-awaited LP that's fucking rowdy!  Snag everything below and see for yourself.  DIG!

Death Will Claim These Tired Bones LP (2014)

Split w/ KYOTY cover art
Host / KYOTY Split 7" (2012)

There's nothing up there but heavy clouds cover art
There's Nothing Up There But Heavy Clouds 7" (2012)

Demo 2010 cover art
Demo (2010)


  1. insane that this band wasn't huge -- top tier filth