Sunday, July 12, 2015


Picture of Host — Photo: Angela Owens
HOST was some raw and seriously pissed off hardcore from New Hampshire.  These dudes play a dark, pummeling and mean as hell combination of metallic hardcore, d-beat and punk.  This stuff is beefed up, crusty and fast as hell with non-stop energy, brutal slow parts, and harsh vocals.  Since 2010 they've dropped a demo, a 7" EP, a split 7" with NH's KYOTY and finally a long-awaited LP that's fucking rowdy!  Snag everything below and see for yourself.  DIG!

Death Will Claim These Tired Bones LP (2014)

Split w/ KYOTY cover art
Host / KYOTY Split 7" (2012)

There's nothing up there but heavy clouds cover art
There's Nothing Up There But Heavy Clouds 7" (2012)

Demo 2010 cover art
Demo (2010)