Sunday, July 19, 2015

Nai Harvest

Picture of Nai Harvest
Sheffield, England's Nai Harvest is a two-piece indie/punk band that creates walls of fuzzed-out guitar hooks, driving drum work and catchy vocal melodies.  These upbeat and fun-as-hell jams are filled with undeniable energy and show enormous promise as their material seems to consistently mature.  Snag everything I could find below and get hooked.  Dig.

- For Fans Of:  Wavves, Pet Symmetry, Bummer & Dikembe

Hairball cover art
Hairball LP (2015)

Nai Harvest / Playlounge Split 12" EP (2014)

Hold Open My Head cover art
Hold Open My Head 7" (2014)

Whatever cover art
Whatever LP (2013)

June 4-Way Split 7" (2013)

Feeling Better 7" (2012)

Nai Harvest / Five Leaf Nettles Split Cassette (2012)

Ceiling Summer EP (2011)

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