Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pet Symmetry

These good ol' boys play some kick-ass indie rock that gets a little twinkly, but not enough to be classified that way. Pet Symmetry has a harder and more memorable feel than their mid-west DIY past might speculate. Plus Evan Weiss' nerdy Weezer-type lyrics gives their sound a touch of nostalgia. Snag their masterful new LP along with their previous material below.

- Members are also in:  DowsingTheir / They're / There & Into it. Over it.

* Track 1 from the Five songs EP is originally off the Dikembe split 7", and tracks 2-3 are off the Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles EP. 4-5 are demo versions of songs from Pets Hounds. 

- For Fans Of:  They / They're / ThereSomos & Grown Ups

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