Sunday, October 27, 2013


Bummer have only been a band since 2012, but they slay like they've been killing it for years. It's a post-punk funathon drenched in 90's goodness in my opinion. They've even got whoas in their songs. As a fellow music lover, if you got whoas in your jams, I'm usually sold. Bummer just dropped their most recent effort, Steal These Nights a few days ago and were kind enough to give us the okay to post it. Super rad dudes. Steal picks up right were Kids On The Run left off and it's still a funathon. Hopefully their next effort will be in the form of an LP because I need more. Snag their current discography below.   

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  1. HEY couldn't figure out how to get in touch. This is dumb and not where this should go BUT we just finished this and we're leaving for tour in an hour.
    my band TREMARCHE just finished up a split with our pals Motel Mattress! It's free to download ( and if you dig it feel free to write back ( and I can mail you a physical copy once we're back home.
    Speaking of which, if you live near any of these places it'd rule to see/meet ya:

    THU 21 - Akron, OH @ The Blueberry House
    FRI 22 - Kalamazoo, MI @ Black Lodge - 618 Forest St.
    SAT 23 - Chicago, IL @ Animal Kingdom w/ Timecop +
    SUN 24 - Grand Rapids, MI @ Treehouse of Horror
    MON 25 - Columbus
    TUE 26 - Clarksville, TN @ The Coup w/ Pissbath
    WED 27 - Murfreesboro, TN @ The Avalon w/ Pissbath
    THU 28 - Huntington, WV @ Funkytowne
    FRI 1 - Baltimore, MD @ Bell Foundry w/ Baklavaa
    SAT 2 - Philly