Friday, October 11, 2013


Everytime I listen to Buffalo, NY's Lemuria I feel completely overwhelmed by perfectly constructed punk rock riffs, flawless percussion skills, driving bass and undeniably great dual female/male vocals.  This band plays an upbeat-yet moody brand of pop-punk that switches from light and catchy to fuzzed-out, grungy and progressive indie rock that's incredibly addictive.  I had the privilege of seeing this amazingly talented trio in Cambridge, MA at Tigers Jaw's "Last show in the states" and their set absolutely blew my mind!  Lemuria is an unbelievably crafted band all-around and compiles an unbelievably smart style of songwriting that begs for you to keep up.  Here's everything I could find from these greats.  Snag and dig deeeep!!!

The Distance Is So Big LP (2013)

Brilliant Dancer / Helloing 7" (2013)

Varoom Allure 7" (2012)

Pebble LP (2011)

Lemuria / Cheap Girls Split 7" (2011)

The Second Collection (2004-2009)

Get Better LP (2007)

Lemuria / The Ergs! Split 7'' (2007)

The First Collection (2005-2006)


  1. Thanks! I'm assuming The Second Collection is unofficial? Been looking for something exactly like that though, so much appreciation for uploading it.

  2. danke! made my day/week/month...