Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sawtooth Grin

Time for some good old math-grind.  Sawtooth Grin creates grinding, blast drenched, slightly jazz-influenced music showered with death growls and high-pitched yelps throughout. Great fuck you music for the neighbors.  Sawtooth Grin formed in 1999, released their Cuddlemonster EP in 2001 and followed up with the Pervavor EP. They broke up in 2004 until 2009 when news had gotten out that they're up and running again and working on a new LP.  Well, that was years ago, and nothing else has been said about the progress aside from a few demo tracks that the band leaked.  Everything I could find is posted below.  Peep it and crank. 

Jabberwocky Demo's (2010-2011)

Pervavor EP (2005)

Cuddlemonster (2001)


  1. Great band, thanks and keep up the great stuff!!

  2. If you could reup Pervavor that'd be so awesome.