Sunday, November 27, 2011


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Before Torche, guitarist/vocalist Steve Brooks unleashed Floor back in 1992.  This band probably stands out the most to me in the stoner-rock/doom-metal categories.  They play a super-heavy style with two insanely low-tuned guitars (no bass) and thunderous, war-like drums.  The vocals in the earlier material are much more raspy and metal, but Brooks eventually found his voice and created a wall of harmonic, sludgy, droney and destructive songs with endless amounts of distorted riffs that will bring the end of days.  Floor disbanded in 2003 after their debut Self-Titled LP.  The Dove LP was released in 2004, however, the tracks were recorded back in 1994.  They briefly reformed in 2010 to promote their 8-CD/10-LP Box Set Discography released on Robotic Empire.  I didn't post their discography, but I gathered what I think is all of the band's legit releases.  I suggest cranking their Self-Titled LP first, then work your way down the line.  This shit is sooo fucking heavy!  Definitely tasty as hell and well worth a peep.  Snag it all below. DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Torche, Bongzilla, Electric Wizard & Grief

Dove LP (2004)

Self-Titled LP (2002)

Dove Split 7" (2001)
(Floor Track Only)

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Comp. 3x 7" (1998)

Goddard / Slugthrower 7" (1995)

Sloth Split 7" (1995)
(Floor Track Only)

Loud & Ugly Vol. 2 Comp. 7" (1995)
(Floor Track Only)

Loanin' / Figbender 7" (1994)

Tired From Now On Split 7" (1994)
(Floor Track Only)

Spazz Split 7" (1994)
(Floor Track Only)

Madonna 7" (1994)

Heather / When The Pigs Broke Free 7" (1993)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Funeral Diner

Happy Thanksgiving!! For this post I whipped up something awesome for you: the super ultra epic beast known as Funeral Diner. These guys are the kings of underground scream-o. They made a huge mark in the scene, and have inspired thousands of bands that continue to play in this style today. To put it simply, Funeral Diner is progressive scream-o, but there's so much passion in their music, vocals, and genuine song structure that any description can't do them justice. There's times where they sound beautiful, chaotic, angry, or just fuckin' tasty. Sometimes all in the same song. In the years they existed, Funeral Diner mastered the art of writing music that was a roller coaster of emotion. No one will ever be able to replicate that, and the people who listen to their music will never forget them. Below is every song they've ever recorded. A heaping helping for this glorious day of feasting. I took out most of the spilt material since some songs were released on either their EP's or LP's. Track lists might not be in the correct order, but who gives a fuck. This is a big batch of jamz, so be thankful. Here's what you need to do: 1. Download all of Funeral Diner's shit below 2. Eat turkey 3. Shit 4. Listen to Funeral Diner. 5. Repeat 2-4.

Members were also in: Portraits Of Past & ...Who Calls So Loud

For fans of: Neil Perry, Et Tu Brute, & Loma Prieta       

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Colin Of Arabia

Colin Of Arabia is a fierce, beefy and frantic hardcore band from Boston.  Distinctive snarling vocals mesh with blazing power chords, fast, driving and pummeling drums and bass that makes these dudes stand out like crazy in a cluttered Boston hardcore scene.  They thrash like no other and get straight to the point and in your face.  Pissed off chants and some nice breaks are thrown into this frenzied hardcore punk mix in the best ways possible.  This delivery of brutal bean-town hardcore will surely tear shit up in your speakers just like their live shows.  Below is everything I could gather from COA.  Dig.  Dig it deep.

-For Fans Of:  Product Of Waste, Death Threat & Ringworm

Science Of Violence Cassette (2009)

Pain Machines : A Collection (2006-2008)

Illegal Exhibitions Of Speed LP (2004)


Mauser hails from Gainesville, FL and plays a fast, raw and dirty blend of punk-as-fuck d-beat hardcore.  Think in the vein of classic Swedish crust punk blended with the driving intensity of Motorhead.  Non-stop, grimey and all-around ripping.  Below is their End Of The Line 7" released on Vinyl Rites in 2010, the 3-Way Split 7" they released with D-Clone and Folkeiss and their Isolation 12" EP dropped in 2012.  Enjoy these crust-filled bombies!  DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Discharge, Skitsystem, Toxic Narcotic & Doom

Isolation 12" EP (2012)

Complete Aural Turmoil : Mauser / D-Clone / Folkeiss 3-Way Split 7" (2012)

End Of The Line 7"  (2010)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Time for something a little different. Commons is an acoustic punk project with members of Wasteland, and most likely other bands. Don't know too much about these guys other than that. This 6-song demo is pretty sweet. Nice acoustic guitars fill these tracks with a heavy dose of angry vocals that are more yelled than sung. This gives Commons a unique feel since it mixes the pleasant sounds of an acoustic guitar with the intensity of punk vocals. Download and have an open mind!!!


Lapse, from Maryland, play a super-heavy, crushing and doomy mix of brutally awesome powerviolence and hardcore.  These dudes are fucking rowdy!  Creating a memorable blend of heavy chugz, muddy and sludgy bass,  crazy-fast grinding drums and beefed up growls/howls.  One of the most punishing bands I've heard recently.  Below is their entire discography.  Peep this destructive powerhouse now!  DIG.


Sunday, November 13, 2011


Off Minor.  Formed In 1999.  Ex-Saetia.  Masterful Emotive Hardcore from New York.  Jazz-Inspired Musical Genius.  Technical-Yet-Melodic.  Intricate Songwriting filled with Chaos, Passion & Beauty.  Iv'e never heard three Instrumentalists make this much noise.  Toured the globe.  One of the greatest bands EVER...PERIOD!  Off Minor Should Be Loved By All.  'Nuff Said.  Warship.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Everything Awesome

Some Blood LP (2008)

Ampere Tour Split 7" (2008)
(Off Minor Track Only)

My Disco Split 7" (2005)
(Off Minor Track Only)

St. Alban's Kids Split 7" (2005)
(Off Minor Tracks Only)

Innominate LP (2004)

The Heat Death Of The Universe LP (2002)

Problematic Courtship EP : I Am The Resurrection Split LP (2000/2002)
(Off Minor Tracks Only)

Summertime : Benefit Comp. CD (2000)
(Off Minor Track Only)

Live In Belgium '08
...My God...