Friday, May 31, 2013


This is Baluga. They're super catchy, super fun surf-rock from NH. I took this little blurb right off their blog: Welcome to the wonderful world of Baluga. We're here to spread positive vibes to all who is willing to listen. As of right now we are currently a studio band due to the fact that our jam space was shutdown by the police for being too positive and awesome for the neighbors to handle. We're hoping to become an active band again, but for now here are our recordings.  The material is all recorded by us so keep in mind it's not the best quality. Listen to it, tell your friends, have fun, and get positive!
Fuckin' Dig!

- For Fans Of:  Weezer, The Clippers & Smart Cops

Baluga / Squid : Split Sampler Cassette

Monday, May 27, 2013


And now for a good dose of powerviolence from Manpig.  The band was active in the early 90's but their studio recording was apparently lost by the studio until 2005 came around and the members re-recorded the material for a long awaited release.  A few more years pass and their debut LP finally drops on Six Weeks Records.  This is pure, raging American powerviolence from two master craftsman of Infest fame.  This full length will destroy you.  Snag and Dig.

The Grand Negative LP (2012)

State Violence

Picture of State Violence
State Violence was a buzzing whirlwind of noisy, blackened d-beat hardcore from D.C.  These punks play a ferocious brand of punk with thick layers of fuzz and distortion that floods over frantic, nonstop drumming and howling vocals.  These guys and gal tear through track after track with unstoppable energy and utter rage.  This stuff is brutal.  Snag their discography below and dig.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Deathrats, Pliant, Sick Fix & Lotus Fucker

State Violence / LTW split 7" cover art 
L&T&W Split 7" (2011)
(S.V. Tracks Only)

 Self Titled 7" (2011)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hatred Surge

RE-POST!  Hatred Surge is a heavy and pulverizing powerviolence/grind band from Austin, Texas.  They formed back in '04 as a 5-piece powerhouse with dual male/female vocals.  Fucking Brutal!  Fast and beefy to slow and sludgy.  If you haven't heard this band yet, prepare for some apocalyptic hardcore that will melt your brain.  They recently spit out a long-awaited, death/sludge-drenched riff-monster of an LP called Human Overdose that will leave you beaten-to-shit and begging for more.  Snag their discography below and Dig!

(NOTE: The Collection 2005-2007 contains material from the band's Demo, Self-Titled EP, Split LP w/ The Endless Blockade, Split 7" w/ Insect Warfare & a few comp. tracks)

Human Overdose LP (2013)

Purgatory 7" (2012)

Brutal Supremacy Comp. 2x7" (2011)
(Hatred Surge Tracks Only)

Mammoth Grinder Split LP (2011)
(Hatred Surge Tracks Only)

Isolated Human 7" (2009)

Deconstruct LP (2009)

Servant / Bestial 7" (2008)

Hatred Surge / Iron Lung - Broken: A Collaboration 7" (2008)

Collection CD (2005-2007)

Dead Peasants

First off, I wanna throw a huge shout-out to Robert who runs Chug Life for putting me onto these guys.  THANK YOU MAN!!  Dead Peasants is a fairly new project outta Maryland that plays an unholy blend of raw, ear-shredding black metal that equally adds elements of noisy punk and grind.  These guys are intense to say the least.  They create walls of blaring riffs that tear into your skull while the drummer blasts his fuckin' balls off.  Super loud, heavy and ripping black metal at it's finest.  Some of the best shit I've heard in too long, no bullshit.  snag their two releases below and hope for more soon.  Real soon!  Dig.

Ecco / Dead Peasants Split: Whimper cover art 
Ecco Split EP (2013)
(Dead Peasants Tracks Only)

I cover art
Demo I (2013)

Sectarian Violence

Sectarian Violence is a ripping international straight edge super-group featuring members of Coke Bust (Washington D.C.), Never Again (U.K) & Stay Hungry (Sweden).  When I first heard these guys I was blown away!  To sum it up, it's flawlessly crafted and ruthless hardcore punk...Period!  These guys rage like the some of the best I've heard and, hopefully, will never stop creating musical bliss.  In the meantime, you can snag their new Upward Hostility LP & Self-Titled 7" below.  Dig face!  DIG!!!

-For Fans Of:  Blank Stare, RazorXFade & Cut The Shit

 Upward Hostility LP (2013)

Self Titled 7" (2012)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Deth Warr

Deth Warr was a short-lived "garbage metal" project from the Mind Eraser guys.  Their sound was a combined mess of death metal, grind and power metal complete with super-heavy riffs, screaming guitar solo's, girthy growls and thunderous, blasting drums.  Their demo was captured on a shitty 4-track recorder, which shows in the quality, but I think these songs rip pretty damn hard.  Find out for yourself.  Dig.

Rebirth Through Putrefaction Cassette (2009)

Raw Nerve

REPOST!  Chicago's Raw Nerve ripped shit up!  Fast, Thrashy, Grimey, Lo-Fi Punk to the extreme!  These guys blew up instantly after the release of their Demo Cassette, which is rowdy as hell.  Raw, spastic and pissed off, the way good hardcore punk should sound.  Below is everything I could hunt down.  Warship.  Dig.

Every Problem Solved 7" (2012)

Tall Tales Comp. LP (2011)

Distort Jersey City : WFMU Radio (04-26-2012)

Midnight 7" (2011)

Nervous Habits Cassette (2011)

Self-Titled LP (2010)

Teens In Heat 7" (2009)

Demo Cassette (2009)

Blood Feast

Japan's Blood Feast was a fuzzed out attack of frantic hardcore punk.  These dudes combined elements of noisy d-beat hardcore and thrashy 80's influenced punk that's unapologetic and tears right through you.  Walls of dirty, distorted riffs mesh with raging drums, consistently crashing cymbals and fierce vocals.  I could only hunt down two of their blazing EP's which are posted below.  Don't pass these guys up, some hidden classics for sure.  If anyone has any more of their material kicking around, feel free to share!  Dig.

Out Of Control 7" (1998)

War In A Babylon 7" (1995)

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Holy fucking shit. I was bumping these guys a few days ago and totally realized I've never posted them. Malady is another short lived project from punk superstars, Pg. 99. And when I mean short lived, I really mean it. Malady formed in 2004, put out their self-titled LP which was released on Level-Plane Records then broke up in 2005. A real shame because Malady wasn't like their other projects. The 8-song LP gives off a dark indie sound with grungy punk elements throughout. At least that's how I feel about it. See for yourself.

Members were/ are in:  Pygmy LushPg. 99City Of CaterpillarVerse En ComaMannequin, & many many more.

For fans of:  Wild MothDead Friends, & Et Tu Brute


Repost! 1994! is a fucking flawless indie/punk Band from Pennsylvania.  These two dudes make spectacular math-rock/screamo infused jams that are magic to your ears.  The guitar has an astonishingly thick and reverb-y sound that fills the air with some tasty twangy/noodly licks that dance across the frets and awesomely full chords filled with melody, emotion and progression.  The drummer is a mad-man that cranks out some technical-yet-groovy beats and switches to utter jazz-infused hardcore insanity with amazing timing and highly creative transitions.  The vocals sound intense too and almost reminiscent to those of Gospel.  These dudes make so much noise it flabbergasting.  Driving, Intricate and Classic.  It's hard to pin-point what 1994! sound like exactly, all I have to say is "It's Mindblowing!"  Snag all of their shit below if you don't have these gems yet.  DIG FACE!  DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Off Minor, Tiny Hawks, Don Caballero, Snowing & Choke Up
Fuck It (2013)

1994! / Snowing / Boys And Sex / Algernon Cadwallader : Summer Singles (2011)
(1994! Track Only)

Most Deaf 7" (2011)

Fckyrhed LP (2010)

Thank You Arms And Fingers LP (2009)

Spires Split LP (2009)
(1994! Tracks Only)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Terminal Crisis

Here's some fast, hard-hitting vegan/straight-edge hardcore from Boston's Terminal Crisis.  These guys and girl spit out an unapologetic demo this past winter that blew me away at first listen.  Throaty female fronted vocals are grunted over pummeling drums, ugly, distorted punk riffs and fuzzed-out bass lines.  This band completely owns and combines everything from blazing fastcore, d-beat and classic Boston hardcore to make an insane sound all their own.  I had the privilege to see them a couple months ago in Massachusetts with RVIVR, and their live set fucking slayed.  Snag their beast of a demo below and dig your face off.

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Beartrap, Curmudgeon, Draize & Cerce

Winter Demo Cassette (2013)

Monday, May 6, 2013


Picture of Creem
Repost!! Time for some punk in the style of 80's thrash. CREEM play jamz similar to their forefathers, and what kicks ass is that they're fairly new. Driving bass, crappy guitar solos, shitty sounding drums, and lyrics about hating everything, they got it all. The spirit of punk is alive in these guys. Below is their Demo, 7", 12" EP, a live set from WFMU & a brand spankin' new EP that absolutely RIPS!  Snag them.

Members are/were in:  Nomos, & Natural Law