Sunday, January 27, 2013


Japan's D-Clone is one of the nastiest, crustiest and noisiest d-beat outfit in the world.  This shit is a relentless assault on the senses with straining vocal howls, chainsaw riffs loaded with layers of distortions, completely fuzzed-out bass parts and relentless drum skills that never seem to slow down.  This is chaos.  This is mayhem.  This is unapologetic d-beat hardcore constructed by three insanely dedicated and talented crust-punk basterds.  D-Clone is a breath of fresh air and a rough-yet-rewarding breath it is.  This shit's nuts and needs acknowledgement.  Snag everything I could find below and dig.

-For Fans Of:  Kriegshog, MauserAcursed & Zyanose

Creation And Destroy LP (2012)

D-Clone / Mauser / Folkeiis 3-Way Split 7" (2012)

D-Clone / System Fucker Split 7" (2011)

D-Clone / Nerveskade Split 7" (2011)

Drop A Noise Bomb 7" (2009)

D-Clone / Morpheme Split 7" (2008)

Nagoya City Hardcore Comp. LP (2009)

D-Clone / Isterismo Live Split Cassette (2009)

Enjoy D-Beat & Noise!!! 7" (2007)

Demo Cassette (2005)

Rehearsal Studio Tape


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