Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Town Needs Guns

REPOST!!!  UK's This Town Needs Guns are the ultimate indie math rock band today. Technical guitars, beautiful song writing, and very heartfelt lyrics that will soothe any fan of the genre. Just think a more techy American Football with a little more speed. Their singer/rhythm guitarist is leaving to be a father, which is a bummer for the band. His voice was one of the signature things about TTNG and they'll never be the same, but I recently checked out their new singer's other band, Pennines and they're pretty sweet. The singer sounds similar to the old TTNG singer, but he doesn't sound as forceful with his delivery if that makes sense.  These mathematical bastards just dropped an amazing new full-length that's simply astonishing and filled with pure emotion.  Snag their discography below.  Dig!


  1. Hey guys :) my band For You, My Lady is heavily inspired by ttng and I think you'd really like it.

    Please, take a look at and tell me what you think

  2. cut and paste ?
    really like it .
    looks real .

  3. I was looking for this band's discography, and I stumbled upon this blog. Thank you so much! Definitely bookmarking this website!

  4. Where can i find the lyrics to their demo album year 2003_2004

  5. Man it's impossible. I've been looking for years and I can't find the Demo lyrics. It's a shame. I made out some of the lyrics and they're beautiful. I just wish I could understand the rest of them

  6. Thank you very much... Interesting and inspiring band. It was amazing finding it all in here :)