Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fang Island

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Get ready for some "music for people who like music."  Fang Island formed while members were attending the Rhode Island School Of Design, and created an utterly cosmic math-rock brand of music that includes a  phenomenal mix of indie and classic rock.  Their group vocal harmonies are filled with utter joy while the music plays an always-driving brand of rock with an insane amount of twists and turns.  Fang Island's sound was once described as "everyone high-fiving everyone" and all I can say is.... I wish I had an army of humans to high-five while cranking to this great band.  I honestly can't say anything more to talk them up, their music says EVERYTHING!  Get into this, or just be a miserable douche if you don't wanna have fun.  DIG!!!!

Major LP (2012)

Self Titled LP (2010)

Sky Garden EP (2008)

Day Of The Great Leap (2006)

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