Friday, January 4, 2013

Creation Is Crucifixion

Picture of Creation Is Crucifixion
Creation Is Crucifixion was a crazy technical metal/hardcore band from Pittsburgh, PA that formed in early '97 and went on hiatus in 2001.  These guys were waaay ahead of the game.  CIC created eerie walls of noise and weird sampling parts to mesh with their constant fret climbing riffs, thunderous bass and nonstop grinding drum skills.  The members are incredibly smart and construct amazingly progressive jams that are timeless especially among all this new copy-cat shit coming out.  Below is everything I could hunt down.  I believe the only release I'm missing is their split with Fate Of Icarus.  I want to also give a huge thanks to Robotic Obscurities for the Antenna Builder tracks.  Snag these classics and indulge in the mathy goodness.  DIG!

Antenna Builder (Unreleased)

Dethrone Of Devour 7" (2001)

Child As Audience CD-R (2000)

In Silico LP (1999)

Automata LP (1999)

Suicide Nation Split 7" (1999)
(CIC Track Only)

Unruh Split 7" (1999)
(CIC Track Only)

Descent From Heaven 7" (1998)



  2. Blog with Fate of Icarus split (and other songs from splits apparently re-recorded) here: