Monday, May 6, 2013


Picture of Creem
Repost!! Time for some punk in the style of 80's thrash. CREEM play jamz similar to their forefathers, and what kicks ass is that they're fairly new. Driving bass, crappy guitar solos, shitty sounding drums, and lyrics about hating everything, they got it all. The spirit of punk is alive in these guys. Below is their Demo, 7", 12" EP, a live set from WFMU & a brand spankin' new EP that absolutely RIPS!  Snag them.

Members are/were in:  Nomos, & Natural Law 


  1. i swear 2 god its like you read my mind

  2. I can't stop listening to this. Found this post two weeks ago and they keep getting more awesome every time I play them. Best band I discovered this year, thanks!