Tuesday, July 29, 2014


West Palm, Florida's Centuries is an amazing display of absolutely crushing hardcore.  This outfit cranks out an unholy amount of noise with harrowing vocals, massively heavy riffs, brooding bass and gargantuan drum work.  These guys are brutal and you should check 'em out if you haven't already.  They're setting up for an August tour with the amazing Jungbluth so try and peep that shit if you're on the east coast.  Snag and DIG!

Taedium Vitae LP (2013)

Broken Hymns Comp. LP (2011-2012)

Low Charge

Picture of Low Charge — http://boringcamera.tumblr.com/
Low Charge is a filthy, degenerate brand of d-beat hardcore from Philly.  This band penetrates your ears with snarling vocals, buzzing Japanese-style riffs, blown-out bass and frantically thumping drums.  This is a whirlwind of noise and aggression that's captured perfectly with a memorable outcome.  Their debut 7" was nuts and now they recently released a new two-track ripper of an EP!  Snag their raging releases below and dig hard.

Speed / C&C EP (2014)

Easier Said Than Done [COMP] cover art
Easier Said Than Done : Philadelphia Comp. (2014)
(Low Charge Track Only)

Picture of Low Charge
Self Titled 7" (2013)

The Snobs

These texas teenagers played some 80's inspired thrash punk. Don't know if this is true, but I heard members were around 14 or 15 years old when they were cranking out these jamz. Crazy. Plus, members went on to form some pretty insane bands in the Texas punk scene. Download and see where it all started.

Members are/were in: Total AbuseParty GarbageCaptive, & Breathing Problem

For fans of: Minor Threat & Bones Brigade

Monday, July 28, 2014


Picture of Savageheads
Savageheads is a Boston outfit that blew everyone away with their demo and now they're back with an even more memorable follow-up 7".  These guys play a stripped down, catchy as hell brand of hardcore punk that adds dirty rock vibes and even tends to get slight surfy.  The band even consists of Bloodkrow Butcher members so that's a win from the start.  Their material is tough as nails, energetic, super-rad and had me hooked from the start.  One of the best bands out there by far.  Snag and dig.

- For Fans Of:  Gas Rag, Ooze, Negative Degree & Creem

Self Titled 7" (2014)

Picture of Savageheads
Demo Cassette (2013)

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hey! This is Crows-An-Wra. These dudes hail from Cornwall, UK. This is really different, really exciting, prog. screamo. They have some really prog rock pieces in here mixed with some chaotic screamo parts. All around, this is something new, fresh, and exciting to get stoked on. Pick up their records and support these dudes! I love bands like this that are taking the roots of punk and "real" screamo and are pushing them to the limits. This is awesome!

Thursday, July 24, 2014


S.H.I.T. is a force to be reckoned with.  This Toronto band is an ugly and degenerate force of spastic hardcore punk.  Noisy, loud, fierce and intense are just some of the traits these guys can be branded with.  I never got around to posting their incredible demo when it came out, but now i'm ready to share every amazing release this filthy punk band has dropped so far.  I'm still in awe how consistintly ripping these dudes are.  Snag below and prepare to thrash!  Dig.

- For Fans Of:  Stoic Violence, Warthog, Brain Slug & Ooze

Feeding Time cover art
Feeding Time 7" (2014)

Generation Shit 7" cover art
Generation Shit 7" (2014)

Collective Unconsciousness 7" cover art
Collective Unconsciousness 7" (2014)

Equalizing Distort Radio Session cover art
Equalizing Distort Radio Session Cassette (2013)

Demo Cassette (2012)


Picture of Bongripper
Bongripper is an insanely heavy and demolishing instrumental doom-metal band from Chicago.  Formed back in '05, these guys are well known for their incredibly loud and deafening live shows and playing some of the heaviest jamz period!  Their sound is very dark and experimental with eerie, noisy and most epic build-ups that break into massive distorted riffs, muddy, droned-out bass and thunderously war-like percussion.  This stuff is absolutely nuts.  You might have to be patient with some of the atmospheric noise parts, but everything is well worth the wait in the end.  Every time I crank these guys I get sucked into a shit-eating-grin-sludge-trance.  It's just plain awesome!  Everything the band has released is posted below besides their Heroin CD-R, which was a crazy, experimental drone/noise album that was packaged like a heroin kit complete with a lighter, rubber band and spoon.  I tried jamming to it... it was a challenge, but you can judge and stream it HERE.  Snag it all below and dig.  DIG!!!

Miserable cover art
Miserable LP (2014)

Bongripper / Conan Split cover art
Bongripper / Conan Split 12" EP (2013)

Bongripper // Hate Split cover art
Bongripper / Hate Split 12" EP (2013)

Live At Roadburn 2012 cover art
Live At Roadburn 2xCD (2012)

Sex Tape/ Snuff Film 7 inch cover art
Sex Tape / Snuff Film 7" (2011)

Satan Worshipping Doom cover art
Satan Worshiping Doom 2xLP (2010)

Meat Ditch cover art
Bongripper & Winters In Osaka : Meat Ditch - Collaboration Mini-CD (2009)

Hate Ashbury LP cover art
Hate Ashbury LP (2008)

Hippie Killer cover art
Hippie Killer CD (2007)

The Great Barrier Reefer cover art
The Great Barrier Reefer CD-R (2006)


Amber is a crushing-yet-ambient post-metal/hardcore outfit hailing from Marburg, Germany.  My long-time bro who runs Bookhouse Records put me onto these guys and I simply can't thank him enough for sharing these mammoth jams!  Their sound blends amazing guitar-work, heavy percussion, thick bass tones and throaty vocal howls.  Everything this band has released is simply epic and refreshing on all accounts.  Snag below and dig face!

Amber/Locktender Split cover art
Amber / Locktender Split 7" (2014)

Lovesaken cover art
Lovesaken LP (2013)

Self Titled 12" EP (2012)


This is Sneeze from Boston.  These dudes play an awesome mix of garage, grunge, pop, indie jams! Completely fuzzed out guitar and catchy rough vocals make these dudes really fucking sweet. Their most recent LP absolutely rules!  Snag everything below and jam your face off...now!  Dig!

Wilt LP cover art

I'm Going to Kill Myself LP cover art

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Siamese Twins

With members from Massachusetts to as far as Illinois, Siamese Twins don't get together often. But when they do it's a gothic dream-pop paradise. Snag their latest LP and get lost in a haze.  

Members are also in: ConfinesAmpereLibyansForeign Objects, & Eunuch

For fans of: Night Sins, & Terrible Feelings


Picture of Holy
Milan, Italy's Holy is a supercharged anarcho-crust/powerviolence hybrid that absolutely kills it!  This forceful display of unrelenting punk oozes unsettling rage and non-stop aggression.  I was blown away by their long-awaited full length and now the band recently released a crushing new EP.  I'm sure everyone has already indulged in these ripping tracks but, if not, snag below.  Dig.

Seclusion MMXIV cover art
Seclusion MMXIV 12" EP (2014)

The Age Of Collapse cover art
Age Of Collapse LP (2013)

Self Titled cover art
Self Titled 12" EP (2012)

Bâton Rouge

Picture of Baton Rouge
Bâton Rouge hails from Lyon, France and is made up of members from the always-amazing Daïtro and 12XU These guys stretch their talents away from the chaotic screamo sound into a mathy, indie, post-punk mixture of driving technicality and avante garde that's plain brilliant.  It's a nice and soothing blend of jams that are as atmospheric as they are epic and packed with emotion.  They released a full length back in 2010, a two-track 7" EP in 2011 recently dropped an amazing new LP this year.  Bâton Rouge is refreshing and incredibly entertaining with a perfect overall feel throughout their material.  Snag below if you haven't heard this pure awesomeness yet.  Dig!

Totem LP (2014)

Amer / Contrepieds, Contretemps 7" (2011)

Fragments D'eux Memes LP (2010)