Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bâton Rouge

Picture of Baton Rouge
Bâton Rouge hails from Lyon, France and is made up of members from the always-amazing Daïtro and 12XU These guys stretch their talents away from the chaotic screamo sound into a mathy, indie, post-punk mixture of driving technicality and avante garde that's plain brilliant.  It's a nice and soothing blend of jams that are as atmospheric as they are epic and packed with emotion.  They released a full length back in 2010, a two-track 7" EP in 2011 recently dropped an amazing new LP this year.  Bâton Rouge is refreshing and incredibly entertaining with a perfect overall feel throughout their material.  Snag below if you haven't heard this pure awesomeness yet.  Dig!

Totem LP (2014)

Amer / Contrepieds, Contretemps 7" (2011)

Fragments D'eux Memes LP (2010)