Friday, December 28, 2012


Monarcs were a crazy math-rock fused screamo band from south Florida. If you're a fan of technical music with unpredictable transitions, you'll really enjoy these jams.  I don't really know much else about them besides the other kick-ass projects members were affiliated with. Their discography is posted below.  Dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Capsule, Tilts, Shitstorm, Wrong & Kylesa

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Massachusetts' Deathamphetamine is a thrashy, sci-fi obsessed power metal outfit that cleverly combines elements of grind, death metal and a whole lot of hardcore punk.  These guys formed in the early 2000's and shredded beyond belief with endless amounts of incredible guitar riffs and solos, thundering bass, crack-head drum complexities and gnarly growls, howls and shrieks.  These guys were a non-stop onslaught of face melting speed-freak metal that's constructed masterfully.  Everything I could possibly find from these thrashers is posted below.  I just can't seem to find their demo's anywhere.  Hook it up if you got 'em.  Dig!

The Lost Album cover art
The Lost Album Cassette (2012)

Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History cover art
Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History Cassette (2009)

DA/AA split cover art
Argento Agenda Split EP (2006)
(Deathamphetamine Tracks Only)

From Hand Axe to Laser cover art
From Hand Axe To Laser EP (2006)

DA Live on WMUA cover art
Live On WMUA (2004)

The Politics of Horror cover art
The Politics Of Horror [Single] (2004)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Violent Action

Here's some crusty, distorted, metallic hardcore from Poland's Violent Action.  This heavy powerhouse breaks necks with mammoth, chugging riffs, powerful bass and drums all topped off with barbaric and throaty vocals.  These guys play some insanely rock solid hardcore mixed with elements of sludge, powerviolence and thrash metal.  Snag everything below and support these dudes anyway you can.  They're rowdy!  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Victims, Ramlord, Masakari & Doom

Death Cassette (2012)

Self-titled 7'' cover art
Self Titled 7" (2012)

Warsaw Hardcore Punk Attack Comp. LP (2011)
(Violent Action Track Only)

Demo 2011 cover art
Demo CD-R (2011)

Gay Kiss

Gay Kiss dish out a strange and unique kind of hardcore that reminds me a lot of Daughters and Jeromes Dream, but with more of a punk twist. Dumpster Rules is minimal with crazy high pitched guitars, while their 2012 Tour Cassette and Fault LP have a thrash punk vibe to it. After hearing their LP, it seems as if Gay Kiss has found their overall sound. But don't expect anything predictable from these sick fucks. Download and be disgusting.    

Members are/were in:  The Tightholes & Avon Ladies

For fans of:  Jeromes DreamDaughters, & Das Oath

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thanatos Glare

Thanatos Glare is raw, dirty, black metal from everyone's favorite member of Raw Nerve. Released by the fantastic Fallow Field.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Witch Hunt

Picture of Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt hailed from Philadelphia, PA and played crusty anarcho-punk like the pro's from Europe.  Mixing heavy hardcore influences, these gals and guys created a sound on their own.  Loaded with beefy, chugging riffs, melodic breaks, thumping bass lines and howling female-fronted vocals.  This shit is crusty as fuck, punk to the core, and never letting up.  Masterfully written tracks make this band utterly timeless among the crusty hardcore abuse I've sadly listened to lately.  These jams are timeless, loaded with talent and unforgettable.  Snag everything below and dig.... DIG I Tell YOU!

-For Fans Of:  From Ashes Rise, Deathrats, Victims & Punch

Burning Bridges To Nowhere LP (2009)

Witch Hunt / To What End? Split 7" (2008)

Blood-Red States LP (2007)

This Is Only The Beginning : Collection CD (2002-2004)

(The This Is Only The Beginning Compilation CD contains material from ...As Priorities Decay LP+Demo's, a Siege cover, their Self Titled 7" and material from their split with Deathbag.)


Re-Post!  In case you forgot, Georgian is an extremely entertaining Punk Rock Band from Manchester, NH.  The aggression is always there and these dudes always have fun doin' what they do...rockin' faces off! Every time I listen to these guys it reminds me of the good ole' high school days and puts a huge shit-eating grin on my face.  Lots of energy, lots of smiles and lots of well-deserved high-fives.  Recorded @ Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth. This is their discography so far.... Enjoy!  Dig!

For Fans Of:  Drexel, Screeching Weasel & Black Flag

Split CD​/​Zine With Blockhead Cover Art

Demo Cover Art

Arizona Cover Art

Split w/ Billy Raygun Cover Art


Monday, December 17, 2012


B.U.S.H. played some incredible thrash drenched hardcore punk from Brazil.  I can't find much about these guys anywhere but they're sound is driving and has some surf-rock/skate-punk vibes thrown in especially with their twangy guitars clashing, upbeat drums never stopping and vocals that're rough with a touch of melody that's all too perfect.  This stuff has a nice fuzzy garage sound and for the most part, an overall drugged-out rock vibe to it.  Awesome!  These guys were so damn good!  Their entire discography is below so snag, dig, repeat.  DIG!!!!

Sao Paulo 12" EP (2007)

New American Century LP (2006)

B.U.S.H / Bruce Banner Split 7" (2006)

B.U.S.H. / Dick Cheney Split 7" (2005)

Buy Us Some Heroin 7" (2005)

Buscando Um Satânico Homicida (2003)

Quattro Stagioni

QUattro stagIonI
Quattro Stagioni was a brain-melting grind band from Germany that equally mixed elements of blistering fastcore and heavy as hell powerviolence.  Everything about this band is brutal, fast, raw and angry with machine gun drums, buzzing layers of guitar chords, muddy bass lines, chaotic shrieks and burly growls galore.  These dudes are a non-stop blast-fest that's punk as fuck and even spit out some rowdy down-tuned grooves here and there.  They lasted for a decade and created some monumental and ear splitting jams that will always blow my fucking mind.  Snag their entire discography below and grind your brains out.  Dig!

Discography CD/Cassette (1998-2008)

Black Church

Black Church is another masterpiece from the mastermind behind countless amazing projects: J. Wood. Black Church is raw, drone-like, bleakness that hinders on the edge of black metal. Black Church exists to be taken as it is. Do not try to categorize.  This tape was released on Bleak Environment so that tells you something right there. It's awesome.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


 Germany's Bloodstains are an up and coming 80's inspired skate punk band that straight-up kicks ass!  These guys dropped a tasty little cassette this year that rips it hard.  Their sound is urgent and driving with walls of distorted power chords, upbeat drums that never stop and gruff-yet-melodic vocals.  This stuff is fun as hell and brings me back to the good old knee-skrapin' days of skating around and doing dumb shit.  Snag their debut release below and thrash around.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  7 Seconds, Descendents, Minor Threat & T.S.O.L

Live Fast Stay Young Cassette (2012)

Poison Planet

Poison Planet is a politically charged, straight edge, vegan hardcore outfit from Chicago.  These guys play a super-raw and messy blend of thrashing hardcore that's loaded with fast and spastic guitar chords, fuzzed out bass lines, rapid speed drums and menacingly aggressive vocals.  They're absolutely killing it!  Snag everything below and find out yourself.  Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Skrapyard, Boiling Over, Halfmast & No Time Left

Poison Planet / Government Flu Split 7" (2012)

Boycott Everything 12" EP (2011)

Bleed For Me 7" (2011)

Ugly Truths Vol. 1 LP (2010)

Demo Cassette (2007)