Friday, November 23, 2012


1996 Dayton punk fest    HELLNATION
RE-POST!  Kentucky's Hellnation is a unrelenting force of no-holds-barred grinding fastcore.  Formed back in 1988, this trio has been slaying fans with an incredibly angry and hyper mix of nonstop punk riffs drenched in distortion, muddy, low-tuned bass and rapid-speed blasts of drum insanity!  The drummer leads the vocals, but all three members share the duties for the most part.   Hellnation sadly broke up in 2010 after releasing an insane amount of material and devoting to a slew of tours through the U.S., Japan, Europe & Brazil.  These guys are ridiculously intense and mind-blowing to this day!  Groundbreaking and most definitely influential to any genre of punk and grind.  Below I gathered up everything I could possibly find from these dudes.  DIG!!!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Brody's Militia, Kuoleman Nyplääjät & Stabbed To Death

Hellnation / Capitalist Casualties Split LP (2008)

Hellnation / Nice View Split 7" (2008)

Dynamite Up Your Ass LP (2002)

H.S.S.R.R. : Japan Tour 3-Way Split CD (2002)

Thrash Wave : Compilation CD (1997-2001)

Cheerleaders For Imperialism LP (2000)

Fucked Up Mess LP (1999)

Your Chaos Days Are Numbered LP (1998)

Hellnation / C.F.D.L Split 7" (1996)

Hellnation / Real Reggae Split 7" (1996)

Control LP (1994)

A Sound Like Shit : Compilation CD (1993-1994)

People's Temple 7" (1989)

- Thrash Wave Compilation CD includes... the split 7" w/ Merda, split 7" w/ Sink, At War With Emo 5", Homeless Benefit Comp. 7", Tomorrow Will Be Worse 4x7" & Thrash Or Die : Japanese Hardcore Covers 7"
- A Sound Of Shit Compilation CD includes... the Colonized LP, Bloodless Unreality Comp. 7", Suppression 7", Aussie 7" & an unreleased track


  1. great uploads in here man.. could you please reupload the hellnation discography? thanks..

  2. hell fucking yeah :D thanx,dude!
    I have the other 4 missing releases for you, but i dont know how I can contact you........

    1. Could you throw up some download links in the comment box by any chance!?? That would be insane buddy!! Thanks for the kind words!

    2. These guys kick ass! Face melting Grind/Punk!

    3. Thanks for the memories had some of this stuff back in the day but lost some of it along the way it was a good time to playing in bands I was in pretentious assholes part of the Chicago scene good bands just good times . Friendships you make for life. Thanks again

  3. Thanks for the memories used to have most of this stuff but lost it for one reason or another it was such a good time. For punk and hardcore bands/fans. I was in pretentious assholes part of the Chicago scene. This reminds of such a good time making friends that last forever even if don't see each other all the time anymore

  4. Gracias por postear y darte el tiempo en subir los discos amigo :)