Friday, November 23, 2012


Picture of Spazz
Redwood City, CA's Spazz should be known by any fan of hardcore punk.  Formed in 1992, this trio completed defined American powerviolence as everyone knows, or should know by now.  Spazz wrote masterfully chaotic tracks all throughout the nineties and influenced pretty much every punk and grind-nut across the globe.  These guys were fast, aggressive and without-a-doubt fun as hell.  These classics have been carefully collected and posted below for all of you that may have missed out on this epic band.  Snag everything below, take notes & DIG!

Crush Kill Destroy LP (1999)

The Jeb EP (1999)

Sweatin' III : Skatin', Satan & Katon (1996-1998)

La Revancha LP (1997)

Sweatin' II : Deported Live Dwarf (1994-1999)

Spazz / Romantic Gorilla Split LP (1996)

Sweatin' To The Oldies (1993-1996)


  1. thanks for the share,bro,didn't have some of the releases :)

  2. Not my all time favorite Powerviolence band but definately up there. Plus, I have TONS of repesct for Chris Dodge for starting Slap-A-Ham and giving Powerviolence bands exposure in the late 80's/early 90's.

  3. Sweatin' to the oldies is THE album for me... i've been listening to it for over 10 years and never get sick of it.

  4. do you have the Mindless Mutant self titled 7" from 2006? The band that Max Ward drummed for. Can't find a working download link for it anywhere online.