Sunday, August 26, 2012


Here is yet another instant classic post for everyone to enjoy from the most-epic Onetracktohell blog.  Harhaa is the brainchild of Zach from Kremlin. He plays everything, and does a damn good job. This demo is a fuzzed out mess of lo-fi crust with a touch of doom. I wouldn't be surprised if he recorded it with two or three mics in his basement, attic, or living room. Fuck the quality. These songs still rip and it shows.

Acid Reflux

Hankering for a super sweet 80's inspired thrash punk band? Look no further. Albany's Acid Reflux will fill your craving. These guys started out in '06, but you would think their self-titled 7" came out 20 years ago. Their stuff is fast and pissed on all accounts. Download their discography below.

Members are also in:  Limp Wrist, Devoid Of Faith & By The Throat

For Fans Of:  Minor Threat, Deep Wound & Direct Control


DNF (Nuke Nukem Forever) is a thrashy fastcore behemoth from California.  Squealing feedback spills over forceful vocals, noisy riffs, spastic time signatures, insane drum abuse and plenty of noise.  These dudes play at ridiculous speeds and have utterly crushing slow parts that will crack your skull wide open.  Below, I posted their discography from 2007-2010 along with their latest 7" that's absolutely nuts!  Snag everything and dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Trash Talk, Touche Amore, Skin Like Iron & Raw Nerves

Hurt 7" (2012)

Discography (2007-2010)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Look Back And Laugh

Picture of Look Back and Laugh
Look Back And Laugh were a fast, raw and nasty hardcore punk band from the bay area.  Snarling, rage drenched female fronted vocals dictate over rapid-fire riffs, squealing solo's, scummy bass lines, insane drumming, feedback and fuzz.  LBAL is fierce as hell! From the time they dropped their demo in '03 until their final EP in '07, they destroyed everything in their path.  Everything I could find from them is posted below, Dig face.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  California LoveNo StatikYaphet Kotto, Destroy! & Dead And Gone

State Of Illusion 7" (2007)

Street Terrorism 7" (2006)

2nd LP (2005)

Dropdead Split 7" (2004)
(LBAL Tracks Only)

1st LP (2003)

Demo Cassette (2003)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sleeping People

REPOST!  San Diego, CA's Sleeping People constructed some crazy-off-the-wall math rock that was both challenging and hypnotizing.  To start, this band is absolutely nuts!  Frenzied time signatures of twinkling guitars blend with constantly driving bass rhythms that all wrap around some insane drum skills that are all jazzed-up and loaded with clever mathy transitions that go everywhere.  This band is solid all the way around.  Genius songwriting and craft-man's ship is the least I can say about what I've heard.  I almost shit myself when I heard they dropped their latest EP this year after a 6 year hiatus.  Snag everything below if you haven't already indulged.  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Giraffes? Giraffes!, Russian Circles, Toe & Cinemechanica

NOTRUF 12" EP (2012)

Growing 2xLP (2006)

Self Titled LP (2005)

Human Junk

Tunbridge Wells in My Photos by  
REPOST!  Human Junk is an incredibly raw and blistering two-man hardcore punk from the UK.  Super-fast and rad as all hell.  Noisy and thrashy riffs, spastic drums & utterly pissed vocals work magic for these guys.  Below is the band's demo, tracks from their split cassette with Man Hands and some insane new jams from their recent split 7" with God's America.  Any fans of powerviolence and fastcore must snag this immediately!  It's so fuckin' good!  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Fuck On The Beach, Iron Lung, Hail Of Rage & Threatener

HERE you can stream tracks from their split 5" w/ Lich

God's America Split 7" (2012)
(Human Junk Tracks Only)

Man Hands Split Cassette (2011)
(Human Junk Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2010)


RE-POST!  Oiltanker is an insanely crusty hardcore punk band from Hartford, Connecticut.  These dudes play an extreme blend of thrashy punk and destructive d-beat hardcore.  They are extremely heavy and crank out some brutal jams that remind me of a lot of the classic European crust bands.  Oiltanker is bomb-as-shit.  Everything they ever released is posted below.  Indulge.  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Disrupt, Furnace, Victims & Skitsystem

No Tomorrow Split LP (2012)
(Oiltanker Tracks Only)

The Shadow Of Greed LP (2011)

Crusades 7" (2009)

Self Titled 7" (2008)

Hip Cops Split Cassette (2008)
(Oiltanker Tracks Only)

Demo Cassette (2007)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Okay, if you're a fan of RVIVR then you'll love Hooky. Why? Because both guitarists were in Hooky and they pretty much sound exactly like RVIVR. This is not surprising since RVIVR started right after Hooky broke up in 2007. If there's one big difference between the two, I'd say Hooky is a bit rougher and less poppy in their songwriting. Their 6-song demo/discography is below.    

Adult Braces

A few winters ago we (CAI) played a really, really, shitty show somewhere in NH. We hadn't played in months and we were just sloppy and all over the place. Anyways, even though I want to never remember that night, I always do because a super rad and mysterious punk band played. I heard from a few people in the crowd that their name was "Adult Crutches" or some shit. A couple months went by (maybe a year), and I found out that their real name was Adult Braces, but they didn't have anything recorded and just played shows whenever. They seemed like a lazy man punk band in my opinion, so I forgot about them until recently when they came up in a conversation. Searching commenced, and I found their Bandcamp, which led me to a 9-song demo that they recorded in 2010.

Adult Braces aren't really anything special. They're punk, they're fast, and if you like that sort of thing you might get into it. Download their demo/discography below.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Picture of Minefield
Minefield is a crazy-fast 80's style hardcore punk powerhouse from Russia.  Blazing guitars and bass are shredding non-stop as the drummer beats the shit out of his kit and the vocals are spit right in your face.  This stuff is raw, intense and highly entertaining.  Snag their two releases below and shred the knar!  DIG!

Oтъебись! Cassette (2012)

demo tape 2011 cover art
Demo Cassette (2011)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fuck On The Beach

Tokyo, Japan's Fuck On The Beach is an all out assault of fastcore/powerviolence absurdity.  This trio is one of the craziest punk bands period.  Their sound is loaded with distorted, feedback-drenched thrash riffs, rapid fuzzed-out bass and unrelenting blasts of drum mayhem all played at blisteringly fast speeds.  These guys are super harsh and hands-down classic.  Everything I could possibly from F.O.B. is posted below.  Enjoy these powerviolence masters and DIG!

Eat 'Em All LP (2011)

Relationshit Live Split CD-R (2006)
(F.O.B. Tracks Only)

Devil CD Single (2006)

Yacøpsæ Live Split 7" (2004)
(F.O.B. Tracks Only)

Endless Summer LP (2001)

Power Violence Forever LP (1999)

Carcass Grinder Split 7" (1998)
(F.O.B. Tracks Only)

Fastcore On The Beach 7" (1998)

Tomorrow Will Be Worse Comp. 4x7" (1997)
(F.O.B. Tracks Only)

Fastcore Chaos Cassette (Demo)

Monday, August 6, 2012


"Semen from Florida a la your crusty gym shorts, fantasies of a sexy dinosaur, and hating yourself with mom’s permission." If that doesn't get your panties wet then I don't know what will. Slavescene is dirty noise rock at it's finest. Some cultmaternal greats here. You're welcome. I'm missing a split with MLU. Hook it up if you have it.  Dig.