Monday, November 25, 2013

Ya Te Veo

So this is brand new. This is super fresh and hot, like as in brand new, like I said. Ya Te Veo is really cool hardcore out of Western Mass, duh! My friend Matt from Vaccine plays bass in this band. This is really original sounding and really nice. No release yet, but I'm hoping a tape will surface soon so I can snag it up with the rest of you creeps. So yeah hit this up. Hit up their bandcamp and listen and get this thing and hope for a physical release soon.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Perfume River

Do you like rugged as fuck, in your face hardcore? No? Then fuck off. If you do, Perfume River. Super intense d-beat hardcore with pummeling lo-fi vocals and guitar. Umm, it rules. That's pretty much it. I like this review stuff. This is fun. Buy the releases if you can find them. I'm pretty sure "Concrete Winter was just re-pressed on tape by a dude from the band that did a sweet interview with Vice, and the demo cs "No Wind" was repressed as a sick looking flexi! Bring back the flexi! Did it ever go away? Cool. Perfume River!

Criminal Damage

The great thing about Criminal Damage's music is that it just fuckin' goes. All three of their LP's are filled with punk n' roll and a heavy dose of oi. Nothing more, nothing less. Judging by the gap between releases, Criminal Damage seems like a down time project for its members. Especially for singer/guitarist Paul Burdette who plays drums for Tragedy. Snag their discography and hope their next LP wont take another six years to drop. Oi oi oi.

Members are/were also in: WallsTragedyHis Hero Is Gone, & Deathreat

For fans of: BlitzNuclear Spring, & Warsong

The Gate Crashers

The Gate Crashers were a ripping hardcore punk band from Nazareth, PA.  I couldn't find out much about these guys besides the obvious fact that they released a some solid records throughout the early-to-mid 2000's.   These guys were unrelenting and played some incredibly well crafted fastcore jams.  Their sound was straight ahead but full of attitude and meaning.  Everything about this band is kick-ass from the fast non-stop drums, sonic waves of endless riffs, tasty leads, spazzy bass lines and super-pissed off vocals.  They've sadly been broken up since their last release dropped in 2004 and members went onto play in Pissed Jeans.  Snag their discography below and dig.

-For Fans Of:  Coke Bust, DS-13, Minefield & Confines

... Are A Bunch Of Motherfuckers LP (2004)

Kill The Muscle / I Hate Cops 7" (2003)

The Gate Crashers / Idol Punch Split 7" (2003)

Mein Comp. 7" (2003)
(TGC Track Only)

Death To Hardcore / Death To Reagan Comp. LP (2003)
(TGC Track Only)

Down In Flames Split 7" (2001)
(TGC Tracks Only)

Loud At Any Volume 7" (2000)

Memories Of Tomorrow : A Hardcore Compilation LP (2000)
(TGC Track Only)

Unreleased Demo


These four Spaniards play a cool style of hardcore punk that isn't afraid to get noisy, weird, or even atmospheric at times. It's common to expect where a punk band is going after one or two releases, but Glam eliminates that factor since they have more than one or two genres throughout their music. Download their current discography and try to figure out what's next for these dudes.   

Members were/are also in: Una Bestia Incontrolable & Uber

CreemSnob, & GAG

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Yes! Finally the wait is over. If you're confused about my reaction, let me explain. Survival formed from the remains of Birthday Boyz, and BBZ were one of my favorite progressive scream-o bands. I was told about Survival from an anonymous follower (you know who you are), and got stoked. Then I waited. And waited. Now, finally the time has come! Survival's debut 9 song LP. I'll be honest, it is a little hard to handle/ grasp. After all, Survival play extremely progressive rock that is easy to get lost in. But as a fan of progressive music, their debut does take a few listens fully appreciate. Be patient. In my opinion, it was well worth the wait.   

Members were/are in: Birthday Boyz & Liturgy

For fans of: Birthday Boyz & Gospel