Sunday, January 24, 2016

Wisconsin Nightlife

Grabbed this eight-song gem from iamtheleastmachiavellian. The name and artwork alone peaked my interest and I wasn't mistaken. Garage punk n' roll with pop inspired songwriting. Not much information on this band, and I have no idea if they're even still active. Comment if you got the goods. Until then, snag and enjoy.   

For fans of: PharaohsMidnight Bruisers, & Nancy

Crude Humor

Chicago's Crude Humor is an awesomely weird, unpredictable and wholly original concoction of thrashy hardcore punk.  These dudes construct angular punk sounds with odd time signatures consisting of frantically upbeat drum-work, highly memorable guitar riffs, driving bass rhythms and obnoxious vocals.  Their newest tape is absolutely nuts.  Snag below and dig! 

Jeri's Grill Cassette (2015)

Gold, Guns And Giftcards Cassette (2014)

Magic Circle

Described as traditional doom metal, Magic Circle take the genre to another level with tasty riffs and vocals that nod to a timeless band who most likely started it. That's right, Black. Fucking. Sabbath. And their singer even sounds like Ozzy. Really really good shit. Their discography, so far, is posted below. Download and spread the DOOOOM. If your neck doesn't hurt from head banging after you've heard these tracks, then you're doing it wrong.    

-Members Are Also In:  The Rival MobMind Eraser & Doomriders

- For Fans Of:  Black Sabbath, Saviours & Sea Legs

Journey Blind LP


Copenhagen, Denmark's Communions constructs fuzzy-yet-atmospheric post punk sounds that instantly get stuck in your head.  These guys are driving and moody while maintaining an upbeat feel that's layered with reverb and hypnotic vocal harmonies.  There's a slight touch of dark wave that blends perfectly with their dark basement dwelling production.  All of their material is highly recommended and should have you hooked from the moment you hit play.  Snag these intriguing punk gems below and DIG!

Self Titled 12" EP (2015)

So Long Sun / Love Stands Still 7" (2014)

Cobblestones 7" (2013)


Put on those retroactive googles and get ready for some throwback jamz.  Blank-Men emerged from Texas and have so far dropped an EP and LP filled with new wave and synth punk inspired songs. Weird! Silly! Inspired by science! RAAAD! Listen!   

*The extra track at the end of the Fact Or Fiction EP is a cover of Devo's "Going Under".

- For Fans Of:  DEVO & The Cars

Life Problem

Here's some urgent angst-ridden hardcore punk from Boston's Life Problem.  Their recorder output is a thrashing mess of raging basement punk that never lets up.  From their upbeat percussion to ripping guitar leads, this band holds it down!  I also heard the bassist was from the immensely talented Et Tu Brute, so there's that too.  Snag their two tapes below and hope for more soon.  Dig.

Rehearsal Demo Cassette (2015)

Demo cover art 
Demo Cassette (2014)


Toronto, Ontario's Chlorine is a hardcore punk outfit that delivers an ugly thrashing stomp-fest of menacing sounds.  These guys rage at ferocious speeds and sporadically drop tempo with dirty-yet-catchy riffs, spastic percussion and vicious vocal howls.  Below is everything they've dropped so far.  Huge thanks to oldschoolmike for splitting the rehearsal tapes.  Snag and dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Home Invasion, Spearhead, The Frags, Abyss & Purity Control

Rehearsal II Cassette (2015)

Rehearsal I Cassette (2015)

Demo Cassette (2014)


Razorheads are a viciously raw d-beat hardcore band from New Brunswick, NJ.  This five-piece creates an unapologetic blend of thick buzzing guitars, muddled bass lines, constant drum beatings and maniacally grunted vocals that're soaked in feedback.  These ugly sounds hit hard without warning and stay consistent.  This New Jersey powerhouse will blow your mind and leave you wanting more.  Snag their two releases below and dig.

Black Blade 7" (2015)

Promo Cassette (2015)

Self Titled 7" (2014)

Black Leather Hounds Cassette (2013)

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bad Boyfriends

These Little Rock natives play sloppy garage punk that can be both praised and ignored. Below is the band's debut cassette titled Songs Yer Mom Taught Us plus an additional track.  Snag and Dig.

- For Fans Of:  The Ladies & Lude Boys

Night Sins

Night Sins is a really awesome darkwave/punk band out of Philadelphia. They are made up of members of Salvation, Mother of Mercy, and Nothing. The band plays awesome dark tunes. Just enough synth with a driving bass and drums. Perfect guitar layers and vocals add to a great overall mood. I get an awesome 80's vibe from them. Get this stuff and DIG!

Days On Shimmer And Drip 12" EP