Sunday, January 24, 2016

Magic Circle

Described as traditional doom metal, Magic Circle take the genre to another level with tasty riffs and vocals that nod to a timeless band who most likely started it. That's right, Black. Fucking. Sabbath. And their singer even sounds like Ozzy. Really really good shit. Their discography, so far, is posted below. Download and spread the DOOOOM. If your neck doesn't hurt from head banging after you've heard these tracks, then you're doing it wrong.    

-Members Are Also In:  The Rival MobMind Eraser & Doomriders

- For Fans Of:  Black Sabbath, Saviours & Sea Legs

Journey Blind LP

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  1. Oi! Graet and awesome page!!!! Keep the work going!!! Can you please reup Magic Circle Scream Evil/Lightning her Fire? Thanks!!!