Sunday, March 16, 2014

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar
Buffalo NY's Brown Sugar plays pure unfiltered hardcore punk that's loaded with dirty rock'n'roll influences.  These jams switch from fast and thrashy to mid paced and straight ahead that are noisy and drenched in feedback.  These guys are harsh and catchy as hell with a great experimental feel to their overall sound.  Brown Sugar's simply amazing and needs to be heard by everyone.  Their discography is posted below so snag it and find your own description of these punks.  Dig!

-For Fans Of:  Creem, Night Birds, Kremlin & Pukeoid

Chocolate City Flexi 7" (2014)

Welcome To 2013 Comp. LP

Luvly 7" (2012)

... Sings Songs Of Birds And Racism LP (2011)

Tropical Disease 7" (2011)

Get Fuckin' Mugged! Flexi 7" (2011)

Brown Sugar / Mayday! Split 7" (2011)

Feral Kid Mix-Tape Vol. 1 (2011)
(Brown Sugar Track Only)

Deportation 7" (2008)

Planets Live In Houses

So I've been on a roll lately. Posting new sweet bands, finding hidden gems, playing Skate 3 on ps3, and just kicking ass in general. So here is more of that. I don't even remember how I found Planets Live In Houses, but I did and I'm stoked. These dudes play really nice mathy-rock stuff. It's awesome as fuck! They have some insane drumming and wild noodling, and bubbly parts, and some nice licks for sure. Below is their self-titled EP that came out in January. Get!


The UK's DOOM are legendary crust punk barbarians that formed back in 1987.  These destructive d-beat masters play fast as shit and their overall sound is heavy, fuzzy, dirty & mean as hell.  Doom are one of the most inspirational crust bands ever!  Old-school, raw & classic.  Give these guys a listen!  Below, I posted what is close to a discography for the band.  I didn't post much of their live releases or compilation material because there is a shit ton and I don't have the strength.  DIG!

(NOTE: The Fuck Peaceville 2x LP was made up of re-recorded tracks from the Total Doom LP with the bands 1995 lineup)

-For Fans Of:  Victims, Skitsystem & Napalm Death

Corrupt Fucking System LP (2013)

U.S. Tour 7" (2011)

World Of Shit LP (2001)

Pissed, Robbed and Twatted 7" (2001)

Cress Split 10" (1998)
(Doom Tracks Only)

教祖ラッシュ LP (1996)

Monarchy Zoo 7" (1996)

Fuck Peaceville 2xLP (1995)

Doomed To Extinction : Extinction Of Mankind Split 7" (1994)
(Doom Tracks Only)

Hail To Sweden 7" (1994)

Lost The Fight / Pro-Life Sessions LP (1993-1994)

The Greatest Invention... LP (1993)

Live In Japan 7" (1992)

Total Doom : Collection (1988-1989)

Double Peel Sessions LP (1988-1989)

Doomed From The Start : The Demo's Album (1987-1988)

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Brooklyn's, Pollution played a noisy mess of punk. During their three year existence, they released two LP's, a 7", and cassette. Not bad, but unfortunately Pollution has been overlooked and underrated. I actually didn't hear them until members started Shoxx. Maybe it was their strange style that made them go unnoticed, but their originality of messy riffs and transitions littered in noise inspired bands such as Hoax and Raw Nerve. Snag their discography below.   

Members were also in: Shoxx

For fans of: Cult Ritual, Shoxx, & Kremlin

The Caution Children

Picture of The Caution Children
Jacksonville, Florida's The Caution Children is a top-notch delivery of heartfelt screamo and created songs that're loaded with experimentation, progression and ambiance.  This musically epic outfit formed in 2004 and has been reforming the genre with undeniably mature material that's powerful and full of well paced build-ups and full-fledged chaos.  This band is refreshing every time I hear them.  It takes me back to the prime Myspace era when I first heard them, yet I've never lost sight of their greatness.  My bad for not posting them earlier.  Snag everything and DIG!

Safe Crusades / No Judgements / And Baby 12" (2014)

Unknown Lands cover art
Unknown Lands LP (2011)

TOKYO JUPITER Compilation II cover art
Tokyo Jupiter Comp. II (2011)
(The Caution Children Track Only)

Vacations cover art
Vacations LP (2008)

Self-Titled EP cover art
Self Titled EP (2007)

This Song Is Set In 1998 cover art
"This Song Is Set In 1998" [Single] (2006)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dry Hump

Massachusetts' Dry Hump are a dirty rotten punk band. They're music is noisy, fast, and drenched with so many sexual themes, a porn star would be uncomfortable. A prime listen for all you deviants and creeps. Snag their current discography below.

Brain F≠

I have been meaning to post this band for a good while now. This is Brain F≠ (pronounced Flannel). This band plays some really fucking awesome chaotic, indie, punk. I love this band! I heard one track off their LP Sleep Rough and immediately bought it, during Christmas, when I should have been buying others gifts. Fuck it right? Anyways this band rules. I'm stealing this next description because it's perfect. The dual female/male vocalists "sing together as if they’d rehearsed separately, creating a captivating chaos." That's perfect. A mish mash of dual vox, chaotic guitar and bass, and such amazing drums. Below is their self titled tape, a 7" single, and two LPs. They released a second 7" single called Restraining Order b/w God No but I couldn't find it to throw up here. If you have it share it up babes! Anyways, get into this. If you don't Dig don't tell me because I'll hate you!