Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Islam85 is an upcoming powerviolence outfit from Boston that will crack your skull wide open!  These guys play with brute force and at violent, rapid speeds, creating walls of feed-back drenched riffs,  fuzzed-out bass, spazzy drum parts and intensely brutal dual vocals.  Their demo cassette is dropping real soon on Third Eye Grind Records so look out for that, but in the meantime, snag this behemoth below.  Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Colin Of Arabia, Intheshit & Terminally Your Aborted Ghost

Cassette cover art
Demo (2012)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burn Idols

Live by
Burn Idols is from Long Beach, CA and create a maniacal mess of hardcore.  This trio is heavy as hell and mixes brands of dark metallic hardcore, d-beat, death metal, powerviolence and screamo.  These guys crank out some crushing riffs, pummeling bass, brutal drums, growls and shrieks that're eerie, spastic, dirty and drenched in distortion.  Burn Idols rips to the max and still manages to make time for some sick melodic parts within the insanity.  Sadly these guys broke up shortly after their Theodicy EP was released.  Below is everything except their demo, I couldn't find it.  Dig.

Theodicy EP

From The Deepest Corners Come The Darkest Blues 7"

Self Titled 7"

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Full Of Hell

REPOST!  This is Full Of Hell. Residing in Maryland this band is unrelenting. Experimental, hardcore, sludge, and so much punk. This band is really great. They touch on so many great genres to create a sound all their own. This band is really just relentlessly awesome.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sick Fix

Washington D.C.'s Sick Fix has finally dropped a masterful full length this year!  My fucking god!  Here's some raw and in-your-face female -fronted straight edge hardcore that's been thriving since 2006.  They play an obnoxious and flawless brand of hardcore punk with heavy youth crew and powerviolence influences.  Their LP is insane so snag that along with everything else below.  DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  Magrudergrind, Disciples Of Christ, Coke Bust & Natural Law

Vexed LP (2012)

Coke Bust / Sick Fix Live Split Cassette (2009)

Nothing Else Mattered No One Else Mattered CD-R (2009)

Self Titled 7" (2007)

Demo (2006)

Low Places

Picture of Low Places
California's Low Places are going to crush your skull.  If you haven't had the privilege of hearing these guys, their sound is absolutely demolishing with heavy elements of sludge and an unholy mixture of hardcore punk and powerviolence.  This stuff is brutal and violates your ears at all costs with piercing riffs, endless feedback, crashing cymbals, rumbling bass and gasping howls.  Snag this now.  Dig.

Spiritual Treatment LP (2011)

Self Titled 7" (2010)

Violent Hunger Cassette (2010)

Cogs And Sprockets

Cogs And Sprockets is an unrelenting one-man grind assault from Las Vegas.  This dude creates an orchestra of maniacal, frenzied and buzzing riffs that are completely layered with noise.  He also beats the shit out of his drums!  Filled with insanely fast, destructive and chaotic blast-beats with crashing cymbols are inescapable.  The vocals are especially raw, harsh and nasty which blends great.  Below is everything I could dig up so far.  Enjoy this ingenious insanity!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, Enemy Soil & Assuck

God Harvest Split 7"
(C&S Tracks Only)

Arms For The Poor Cover Art
Arms For The Poor EP (2011)

Black Friday Cassette (2011)

Small Doses Comp. 2xCD (2011)
(C&S Track Only)

100 In 10 Comp. LP (2010)
(C&S Track Only)

In The Kingdom Of The Blind Cassette (2009)

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Milk Music

REPOST! Olympia WA is no stranger when it comes to awesome music, and here's another sick band to add to the list. Milk Music are a grungy, alternative, fuzzy mess that isn't afraid to be poppy and totally fucking awesome. I love how Milk Music's jamz are both catchy and sloppy. If any band can bring back grunge, it's these dudes. Download their current discography below. Huge thanks to Alexis for hooking us up with the demo!  

For Fans Of: Sneeze & Dinosaur Jr.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Ohvoth is one man playing insane soundscapes using a guitar and pedals I assume. This is all I could find but you can go to his lastfm page or myspace and hear some other tracks. This, as far as I know, is his only legit release. This tape consists of two untitled songs that come close to 40 minutes total. The sounds are awesome. Everything is really clean sounding, with layers upon layers, and really experimental. This isn't "noise" but really psychadelic soundscapes to drone, or zone, or groove out to. Dig it.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Male Nurses

punky    Male Nurses
Boston's Male Nurses plays some nasty, old-school thrash punk that's plain awesome!  It's fast, gritty and raw with obnoxious vocals, endless amounts of power chords, twangy solo's and non-stop drumming.  These guys are rad as hell and absolutely rip shit up!  It's definitely intense and thrashy but still on the catchy side with some hints of Oi!  They just dropped a new 7" EP so snag that gem and everything else I could find below. Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Social Circkle, Sucked Dry &Natural Law

Wanna Play Doctor? / GI Jock 7" [test press] (2012)

We're Not Contageous Comp Cassette (2011)
(Male Nurses Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (2010)

Demo Cassette + Cover (2008)