Sunday, September 23, 2012

Burn Idols

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Burn Idols is from Long Beach, CA and create a maniacal mess of hardcore.  This trio is heavy as hell and mixes brands of dark metallic hardcore, d-beat, death metal, powerviolence and screamo.  These guys crank out some crushing riffs, pummeling bass, brutal drums, growls and shrieks that're eerie, spastic, dirty and drenched in distortion.  Burn Idols rips to the max and still manages to make time for some sick melodic parts within the insanity.  Sadly these guys broke up shortly after their Theodicy EP was released.  Below is everything except their demo, I couldn't find it.  Dig.

Theodicy EP

From The Deepest Corners Come The Darkest Blues 7"

Self Titled 7"

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