Friday, September 21, 2012

Cogs And Sprockets

Cogs And Sprockets is an unrelenting one-man grind assault from Las Vegas.  This dude creates an orchestra of maniacal, frenzied and buzzing riffs that are completely layered with noise.  He also beats the shit out of his drums!  Filled with insanely fast, destructive and chaotic blast-beats with crashing cymbols are inescapable.  The vocals are especially raw, harsh and nasty which blends great.  Below is everything I could dig up so far.  Enjoy this ingenious insanity!  Dig.

-For Fans Of:  Pig Destroyer, Repulsion, Enemy Soil & Assuck

God Harvest Split 7"
(C&S Tracks Only)

Arms For The Poor Cover Art
Arms For The Poor EP (2011)

Black Friday Cassette (2011)

Small Doses Comp. 2xCD (2011)
(C&S Track Only)

100 In 10 Comp. LP (2010)
(C&S Track Only)

In The Kingdom Of The Blind Cassette (2009)

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  1. thanks for the kind words buddy! ill send you the songs from the God Harvest split 7" if you want!

    - andres

    1. That would be INSANE!!! I Can't wait to hear those!! Keep up the incredible work man, shit's face-meltingly awesome!

  2. Missing the Scalped split cs as well.

  3. Links are down, love your blog