Thursday, April 25, 2013


Repost! Peep Philly's latest punkish supergroup, Sickoids. They'll rip you a new asshole with their strange and aggressive sounds. Sickoids fall in many categories of punk. Fast, slow, weird, hardcore, or... whatever. Just download their current discography and listen. If you're a fan of any of the bands below, you won't be disappointed.      

Members were also in: Witch HuntGovernment WarningBad Advice, & Direct Control

For fans of: NomosShirtless Thugs, & Suburbanite

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


REPOST! Chicago's Manipulation was a mess of rabid hardcore punk that's raw and alarming.  Their sound is loaded with crashing cymbals, feedback-dripping chords, power-tool-like distortions, thumping bass and disgustingly aggressive vocals.  This shit is awesomely nasty, thrashy and frantic.  They just dropped a killer LP that simply owns.  Snag everything below, get dirty and dig!

-For Fans Of:  Raw Nerve, Pukeoid, KremlinCülo & Sucked Dry
Self Titled LP (2013)
2nd 7" (2011)

1st 7" (2010)

Demo + Extras (2009)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Midnight Bruisers

This is, as far as I know, pretty fucking new and pretty fucking awesome. Midnight Bruisers was a short lived garage pop band featuring member of The Clippers, Sneeze, Lube, and No Fun. I just ordered this tape and you should too. You can listen to it on everydayisamixtape's bandcamp and order it from them as well. I highly recommend it! This is just awesome! Just get into it! Dig!


REPOST! Capsule is by far one of the best bands out right now. Super techy, chaotic, punk. These dudes have it all! Amazing guitar and bass work, great dual vox, and some of the best drumming I have heard... ever! They switched up the line-up recently and are rocking two guitars now. Eric of Kylesa fame, Shitstorm fame, etc, etc, has moved from drums to bass and Ryan (former bassist) now plays guitar. Their new drummer is a fucking beast too so don't worry about the switch up. If anything the dual guitar works to their advantage. Basically Capsule is on top right now for sure. Some of the most solid dudes around too which makes them that much better! Snag all this shit up and support, support, support! Buy their shit now! Below is their  Tape+Demo+Tour+More LP  that was released by Robotic Empire that has all of their previous work before the Blue LP. It has on it their Demo, Voluminant EP, the songs off the split with Devices, and a rare Tour EP. Below is also their Blue LP, which is balls to the wall insane, the song off their split 7" with Furnace, their LP No Ghost, and the most recent EP titled, [A]. Get the fuck on this now! DIG!!!

[A] EP (2013)

No Ghost LP (2011)

Capsule / Furnace Split 7" (2010)

Blue LP (2008)

CAPSULE - Tape + Demo + Tour + More Cover Art
Tape, Demo, Tour & More LP (2005-2007)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Cloth

The Cloth are a new power trio out of Philadelphia. These dudes play some really doomy progressive rock that doesn't stray away from the riffage. Download their 2 song EP, TOUCHED below. And a special shout out to What Are Blood Wings? for posting these guys first. Super stoked for more music from these guys.   

For fans of: KylesaHelms Alee, & Dickkicker


Weird TV

Female-fronted grunge punk that isn't afraid to get noisy, sloppy, or experimental. Weird TV are super rad and unique among the huge Olympia WA scene. Did I mention their singer sings in spanish? Fucking awesome. Get on this. And please, please, please, if anyone has their LP hook it up.    

For fans of:  Milk Music, Nirvana, & Dinosaur Jr.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Subservient Fuck

Subservient Fuck is an insane Hardcore Punk band out of New Orleans.  2 members of the ever epic Thou are in this band. This is really all I know about this band. Download their 7" and buy it from Human Resources. Dig!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Necklacing is a new band out of Massachusetts. Female-fronted power violence. I don't know anything else. Do you? Let me know and dig!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Kill Your Children

Kill Your Children was a spazzy, grindcore ... band? This band was made up of members of L'antietam and Bravo Fucking Bravo. I saw them play once at this show a band I was in was supposed to play at. It was at the VFW in Manchester, NH and there was no pa system so some bands bailed. It was awesome though. I saw this band Juice Box that a friend of mine was in, L'antietam, The River Bottom, and KYC. No mics, no lights. It was awesome. I don't think KYC was supposed to play but because the members were all there they played a few songs. It was really pretty sweet. I'm pretty sure they had a few albums on cd back then but the songs below were all I could get my hands on. Nothing to shit your pants about here but it brings back some sweet memories. This is my first post in some months and I wanted it to be a good one but this is all you get. Ha! Dig!

Monday, April 8, 2013


REPOST! Cülo is a spastic thrash band full of mutants from Chicago. These guys shred hard! Their releases are super intense and have an urgency to them. The songs on these releases can not wait to leave your speakers and rape your ears. Get on this shit right fuckin' now.  Dig!

Demo Cassette

My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down Cassette

Mutant Music For Mutant People Cassette

Nuke Abuse 7"

Military Trend 7"

Toxic Vision 7"

We're Not Contageous Comp. Cassette
(Cülo Tracks Only)

Tenement Split 7"
(Cülo Tracks Only)

People Mostly Suck It Comp. Cassette
(Cülo Track Only)

My Life Sucks And I Couldn't Care Less LP

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trigger Men

Trigger Men's demo is probably the best punk demo that has dropped this year. Kentucky and Indianapolis must have something in the water because this shit kicks ass. Their riffs are beefy, the vocals are aggressive but clear enough to understand, and they're not afraid to stick with a steady tempo at times. Who says you have to play fast all the time to be categorized as punk? Download below and see for yourself.  

Members are also in: Written Off  

For fans of: KremlinRaw Meat, & Direct Control