Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Colbom was yet another project from the Bay Area featuring Mike Kirsch (Please Inform The Captain..., Baader Brains, Torches To Rome, etc...) on guitar and this time around playing some kickass throwback 80's DC-style hardcore.  They never even played a show but dropped a tasty little 7" EP on No Idea Records back in 2003.  These jams are driving and filled with gruff melodies that are straight to the point and in your face.  Good shit!!  Snag their only release below and dig.

-For Fans Of:  SS Decontrol, Bad Brains & Minor Threat

Famous Last Words 7" (2003)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cumpunx / Puker

Taken from back cover of 7"...
"The release of this record finally unveils one of the many untold sagas of punk rock.  The Cumpunx were one of those amazing bands that blew everyone away whoever saw them, yet never were able to make it into a recording studio to immortalize their energy and passions.  Throughout five years of song writing and relentless touring, the Cumpunx were were often stricken by disaster.  This can be attested to by the lengthy list of injuries, clubs they were blacklisted from, street brawls, and failed recording sessions.  When it all came to an end and the last show was planned, everyone knew it was the last chance to capture their magic.  Originally planned as a Live LP, as usual, the show's sound was plagued with problems, and only the last three songs proved to be worth releasing (or ever listenable at all on tape), and as such the release was placed indefinitely on Hold."

"Fast Forward 6 Months and several of the core members of the Cumpunx had formed a new band, with a slightly different vision:  Puker.  However, shortly after they got together, Fuckface moved away to England to pursue a rightful education, and the rest of the band lacked the motivation to keep Puker going, or any other band for that matter.  Luckily for us, while Puker never played a single show, they realized that the Cumpunx had made a serious error in never recording any of their songs.  As such, they did make it into a studio, to record a two-song demo that showed their promise and new direction as musicians."

"While neither band ever finished a rightful record on their own.  Together, as they well should be, they have left us with the music preserved on this record as a document of their spirit and unruly times.  If I close my eyes while listening to this record, I can still picture that last show, Dusty covered in vomit, Angel and the rest of them blasted as always, and the crowd, seething, mesmerized, by one of the greatest American rock'n'roll bands to ever exist."  -Cheers.  Mark Swanson.

Vocals: Dusty
Guitar: Fuckface
Guitar: Brian
Bass: Angel
Drums: 105

Vocals: Daisy Pukes
Guitar: 105
Guitar: Fuckface
Bass: Gluebag
Drums: Dusty

I don't really know how much of the story is true, but snag below and crank these nasty punk jams! DIG!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  The Cancer Kids, Torrington, Bucketful Of Teeth & Ampere

Cumpunx / Puker Split 7" (2007)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birth Deformities

REPOST! Birth Deformities is a kick-ass new hardcore punk project with the CEO of Cowabunga Records on vocals and members of Chicago's own Cülo. These punks dropped one of the nastiest demo's I heard all year.  They have a nice echo-y basement sound to the recording which fits well with the 80's-era NY/NJ hardcore sound.  This shit's seriously soooo good.  It's snotty, dirty, some-what lo-fi, thrashy as hell and most definitely punk as fackin' shit!  Download their demo tape and most recent EP below and DIG.

-For Fans Of:  Sucked Dry, Culo , Skrapyard

Suburbanized 10" EP (2012)

Demo Cassette (2011)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Torches To Rome

One of the many, many, many, musical projects of Mike Kirsch (PITCTIAH & Baader Brains fame). Torches To Rome was a punky, rock, noise assault. The only thing they cranked out was their self-titled LP, which was recorded in 97 and released in 99. A lot of people say this is the best Kirsch band, so peep this shit. I'm sure if you're fan of his music you won't be disappointed.  

Members are/were in: Portraits Of Past, SawhorseBread and Circuits, Please Inform The Captain This Is A HijackBaader BrainsMothercountry Motherfuckers, & many others from Mike Kirsch. You can find the complete list of bands here.

For Fans Of: Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack & Baader Brains 

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Picture of Ruination
Ruination hailed from Ontario, Canada and played a ferocious style of hardcore punk that was as an unrelenting assault on the senses.  These guys were fast and thrashy with limitless amounts of spastic drums, sloppy bass, squealing, chugging, power chords and pissed off vocals galore.  Ruination was formed in 2000 and broke up in 2002.  Chris Colohan of Cursed, Burning Love, etc. fame was on vocals along with three other rad dudes who've spent time in such bands as Charles Bronson, MK Ultra, Los Crudos, Fucked Up, Bloodpact & Earthmover.  These guys are simply classic and need to be praised....still.  Snag their discography below and dig your brains out.

Year One : Discography CD (2000-2002)

Municipal Waste

Richmond Virginia's Municipal Waste need no introduction.  They are one of the tightest, fastest and most aggressive crossover/thrash metal/hardcore bands I've heard in my life.  They are the perfect soundtrack to a devastatingly baddass heavy-metal party filled with booze, babes, cut-off jean jackets, back patches, broken shit and brawls.  These dudes are so goddamn fast!  The guitarist shreds some of the tastiest licks alive!  Relentless bass thunders along with the ridiculously talented Dave Witte (Discordance Axis, King Generator, Burnt By The Sun, Etc.) on drums, who absolutely kills it to the maxxx!  This thrashy, orchestrated metal-tinged madness is all topped off with vocals that are being spit out at snotty, rapid-fire speeds.  Bang your head to this shit if you aren't already.  Below is everything I could find.  Dig.

Fatal Feast : Waste In Space LP (2012)

Toxic Waste : Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust Split LP (2012)

Scion 7" (2012)

Religion Proof Flexi 7" (2012)

Massive Aggressive LP (2009)

The Art Of Partying LP (2007)

Hazardous Mutation LP (2005)

Waste 'Em All LP (2003)

Bad Acid Trip Split 7" (2003)
(Municipal Waste Tracks Only)

Crucial Unit Split LP (2002)
(Municipal Waste Tracks Only)

Self Titled 7" (2001)


RE-POST!  Fucking shit! Masakari! Brutal, crusty, punishing! This band straight up kills it like you wouldn't believe! Hailing from Cleveland OH, these crusty mammoths play some of the best d-beat crust/hardcore that's out right now. Pummeling drums with crushing guitar riffs and mean as hell vocals! This band does it all right! Get on this shit right fucking now! Such a gem! Below is everything they have out.  Trust me you will be plenty stoked on all the gold below! Dig!

Grin And Bear It Split 5" (2012)
(Masakari Track Only)

Fight Back EP [Discharge Covers] (2012)

Masakari / Tempest Split 7" (2012)

Alpinist Split LP (2011)
(Masakari Tracks Only)

Sleep // Rot 7" (2011)

The Prophet Feeds LP (2010)

Eden Compromised 7" (2009)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cops And Robbers

Middle East upstairs    Cops And Robbers
Cops And Robbers were a baddass old-school style hardcore band from Boston that existed from late 1999 until their demise in 2001.  First off, these guys rip!  There sound is filled with fast and frantic drum blasts, thrashy guitars with some tasty solo's, stomp-along bass and throaty roars into the mic.  CNR plays some classic boston hardcore that's just mean as hell.  Their two releases are posted below.  Dig!

-Members Also Play(ed) In:  The Pinkerton Thugs, Out Cold, Cut The Shit & Fire On Fire

Execution Style 7" (2001)

Face To Face With Hate 7" (2000)

From Ashes Rise

RE-POST!  Nashville Tennesee's From Ashes Rise play an extremely fast, tight and all-around mind-blowing form of crusty d-beat hardcore.  The band formed in 1997 and have punished crowds all over the world until their break-up in '05.  This is what the formula of crust should sound like.  Non-stop drumming, chuggy and driving riffs topped off with grimey and beefy vocals make these guys a time-less classic in such an easily repetitive genre.  Easily one of the most epic crust bands I've had the privilege of jamming to.  Everything I've ever heard from them has been kick-ass!  These guys just dropped a brand new 7" so snag that along with the rest of the band's discography below. DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Victims, Masakari & Skitsystem

Rejoice The End / Rage Of Sanity 7" (2012)

Live Hell LP (2010)

Nightmares LP (2003)

Victims Split LP (2003)
(From Ashes Rise Tracks Only)

Silence LP (2000)

Self Titled LP (1999)

Life And Death 7" (1999)

Fragments Of A Fallen Sky 7" (1998)