Friday, July 6, 2012

From Ashes Rise

RE-POST!  Nashville Tennesee's From Ashes Rise play an extremely fast, tight and all-around mind-blowing form of crusty d-beat hardcore.  The band formed in 1997 and have punished crowds all over the world until their break-up in '05.  This is what the formula of crust should sound like.  Non-stop drumming, chuggy and driving riffs topped off with grimey and beefy vocals make these guys a time-less classic in such an easily repetitive genre.  Easily one of the most epic crust bands I've had the privilege of jamming to.  Everything I've ever heard from them has been kick-ass!  These guys just dropped a brand new 7" so snag that along with the rest of the band's discography below. DIG!

-For Fans Of:  Victims, Masakari & Skitsystem

Rejoice The End / Rage Of Sanity 7" (2012)

Live Hell LP (2010)

Nightmares LP (2003)

Victims Split LP (2003)
(From Ashes Rise Tracks Only)

Silence LP (2000)

Self Titled LP (1999)

Life And Death 7" (1999)

Fragments Of A Fallen Sky 7" (1998)

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  1. Heads up, they are based out of Portland, Oregon now. Along with Tragedy & Warcry.