Saturday, July 7, 2012


RE-POST!  Fucking shit! Masakari! Brutal, crusty, punishing! This band straight up kills it like you wouldn't believe! Hailing from Cleveland OH, these crusty mammoths play some of the best d-beat crust/hardcore that's out right now. Pummeling drums with crushing guitar riffs and mean as hell vocals! This band does it all right! Get on this shit right fucking now! Such a gem! Below is everything they have out.  Trust me you will be plenty stoked on all the gold below! Dig!

Grin And Bear It Split 5" (2012)
(Masakari Track Only)

Fight Back EP [Discharge Covers] (2012)

Masakari / Tempest Split 7" (2012)

Alpinist Split LP (2011)
(Masakari Tracks Only)

Sleep // Rot 7" (2011)

The Prophet Feeds LP (2010)

Eden Compromised 7" (2009)


  1. Hey the demo is not actually us, it is the japanese masakari

  2. the "outro" to the full-length album needs to be heard by EVERYONE who reads this blog!!!