Sunday, September 20, 2015

Conquest For Death

Conquest For Death is an intercontinental crossover/thrash/hardcore powerhouse!  This band plays at ludicrous speeds with sonic-charged riffs, frantic bass grooves, pulverizing drum work and intense vocal grunts.  These dudes have been slaying for years all around the planet and still haven't shown a sign of calling it quits.  Snag everything below because it's all rad as fuck.  Dig!

Flipout A.A. / Conquest For Death Split 7" (2015)

Many Nations, One Underground cover art
Many Nations, One Underground 12" EP (2013)

split w/ Possuído Pelo Cão cover art
Possuído Pelo Cão Split 7" (2013)
(C.F.D. Tracks Only)

One Definition Of Success 7" (2011)

Beyond The Hidden Valley cover art
Beyond The Hidden Valley CD (2007)

Front Row Tickets To Armageddon cover art
Front Row Tickets To Armageddon CD (2007)

Sarjan Hassan / Conquest For Death Split Cassette (2007)

Conquest For Death EP cover art
Self Titled 7" (2006)

Limbs Bin

Limbs Bin is a one-man project that creates an unholy amount of noise and chaos.  Josh Landes is a power electronic genius.  His sound is a blown-out, noise-saturated mess of digital mayhem mixed with insanely frantic powerviolence and grindcore.  He constructs crazy walls of eerie noise and belts out brutal and menacing vocals.  For many years Josh has been holding it down like a madman and hopefully keeps releasing his highly original and crushing jams for the years to come.  Snag everything below and get crazy.  Dig!

Limbs Bin / Sidetracked Split Cassette (2015)

Operation Grindcore Vol. III cover art
Operation Grindcore Vol. III Comp. (2015)
(Limbs Bin Track Only)

Limbs Bin / Two Million Tons Of Shit Split Cassette (2015)

Limbs Bin / Cat Guts Split Cassette (2014)

Foolish Strategies cover art
Foolish Strategies (2014)

Every Breath cover art
Every Breath : Collection (2014)

Limbs Bin / Sete Star Sept Split Cassette (2014)

Only Torture cover art
Only Torture EP (2014)

Total Anguish cover art
Total Anguish CD-R (2014)

Love Is The Law Live Comp. Cassette (2014)

Video Games (Lana Del Ray) cover art
Video Games [Single] (2014)

Summertime Blues Cassette (2013)

The Call Of Death Is A Call Of Love cover art 
A Call Of Death Is A Call Of Love : Limbs Bin / Sangre Y Tierra Split EP (2013)

Washed Out cover art
Washed Out [Single] (2013)

For A Car cover art 
For A Car [Single] (2013)

SUMMER TOUR 2012 cover art
Summer Tour (2012)

Dunlea Sessions: Live on WFMU cover art 
Live On WFMU (2012)

 Noise Nomads Split Cassette (2012)
(Limbs Bin Tracks Only)

Limbs Bin vs. Fieldmaster Cassette (2012)

Eby Sessions: Live on WNYU cover art 
Live On WNYU (2011)

Primitive Response cover art 
Primitive Response 7" (2011)

Familiar Combatants Cassette (2008-2010)

Demo I Remixed cover art 
 Demo I Remixed (2008)

Suis La Lune

Suis La Lune is an epic screamo band from Sweden that constructed heartfelt emotionally charged sounds that are as intense as they are melodic with endless creativity.  Their entire recorded output is absolutely essential for any fan of the genre and the material never fades in quality.  These guys are amazing and played some of the most aggressively beautiful skramz that have ever blessed my eardrums.  Snag everything below and love every moment of it.  Dig.

Distance / Closure cover art
Distance / Closure 12" EP (2015)

Riala cover art
Riala LP (2011)

Vi Är Alla Släkt! Comp. Cassette (2010)
(Suis La Lune Track Only)

US Tour 7" (2010)

Connections Part II Comp. LP (2010)

Suis La Lune / Osceola Split 7" (2009)

Heir 10" (2008)

Har Du Hört Den Förut? : 29 Svenska Artister Tolkar Förmögenhet Comp. CD (2008)
(Suis La Lune Track Only)

Quiet, Pull The Strings! LP (2006)

The Emo Apocalypse Comp. LP (2006)
(Suis La Lune Track Only)

Self Titled 7" (2005)

Demo CD-R (2005)

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Flesh Born

Flesh Born hails from Denton, Texas and creates a grinding and technical brand of blackened screamo.  Their pummeling material is an unapologetic force of blasting drums, blanketing bass, angular guitar work soaked in distortion and ferocious vocals.  These guys are intense and rip insanely hard.  Snag everything below and dig.

Split with Marcy, Coma Regalia, and Mothlight cover art
4-Way Split 10" (2015)
(Flesh Born Tracks Only)

Han cover art
Han 12" EP (2014)

Cara Neir / Flesh Born Split 12" EP (2014)

All the Pain I Built Up cover art
All The Pain I Built Up Cassette (2013)