Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cloud Rat

Michigan natives, Cloud Rat take grindcore to a whole new level. This trio put a new spin on the genre by adding rowdy elements of power violence, punk, and just plain thrash. I still can't get over how brutal Cloud Rat is, and I love the fact they're only a trio. Below is their discography. Download and crank the blast.      

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Cleveland, Ohio's Inmates formed back in the mid-90's and was instantly recognized for their wildly unhinged brand of neanderthal hardcore punk.  The band's material is fast, obnoxious, thrashing and deranged resulting in a barrage of ripping punk sounds.  Snag these ugly jams below and dig.

Self Titled LP (2014)

Now We Talkin' Hardcore! 7" (2008)

Assholes Unanimous Presents... Compilation CD (1994-2002)

Tollund Men

Tollund Men is a duo from Denver, Colorado that play a fuzzed-out and lo-fi brand of industrial/darkwave/synth-pop.  Deep bass walls with reverb-soaked vocals buried underneath layers of endless noise.  This stuff is awesomely haunting.  Snag everything below, get lost in a dark place and dig.

Donar's Oak Cassette (2014)

Dedicated To P. F. Lacenaire Cassette (2013)

Flesh Remains Cassette (2013)

Virbius Abstract Cassette (2013)

Door 7" (2012)
Tour Cassette (2012)

Looking For Love / Chains Of Desire Cassette (2012)
Demo I Cassette (2011)

Low Threat Profile

And now for a good solid dose of powerviolence from super-group Low Threat Profile.  Not unlike the member's previous efforts, this is some face-melting, ear-shredding powerviolence that's spit in your face at ludicrous speeds and with overflowing aggression.  Their entire recorded output is an amazing display of a timeless old-school sound that's always on point.  Play fast or don't.  Snag everything below and dig.

Product #3 7" (2014)

To Live A Lie Vol. II Comp. LP (2014)

Product #2 LP (2010)

Product #1 7" (2010)

Prison Moan

Cleveland, Ohio's Prison Moan is a promising outfit that constructs a barrage of thrash/d-beat/pogo/whatever-the-fuck hardcore that's absolutely ripping and full of menacing vibes for everyone to enjoy.  This stomping and rage fueled band doesn't let up for a minute but your'e left wanting so much more!!!  Snag their new 7" along with their demo and single track below.  Dig!!!!!!

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Cruelster, Masakari & Bad Noids

Parasite Hole 7" (2015)

Harvest [Single] (2015)

Image of Prison Moan - Demo 2014
Demo Cassette (2014)


San Francisco's Scalped is a fierce and highly distorted mess of hardcore punk.  Their sound is a clusterfuck of thick, chugging riffs soaked with grit, frantic drum work and viciously gasping vocals.  This band is mean, nasty, raw and intense.  After their highly recommended demo slayed everyone's ears, Scalped has raised their own bar with every release that followed.  Their latest 7" fucking rules. Snag everything below and dig.

2nd 7" (2015)

Tour Cassette (2015)

Progress / Dig In Deeper Cassingle (2015)

7" cover art
Self Titled 7" (2014)

Demo Cassette (2014)


Disgusti hails from Toronto/Hamilton, Ontario and delivers some punishing d-beat hardcore.  This loud and abrasive material consists of feedback-drenched guitar and bass noise, pummeling drums, walls of crashing cymbals and ferocious vocal howls.  These guys are rowdy.  Snag everything below and dig.

- Members Also Play(ed) In:  Wastoids, Snake Charmer, The Frags & Naamahk

A Thousand Prickly Needles cover art
A Thousand Prickly Needles 7" (2015)

Disgusti cover art
Demo 7" (2013)


Ohio's Nervosas has a rad post-punk/new wave sound that's both driving and fun no matter what the occasion.  This trio had me hooked instantly with their moody-yet-catchy punk jams and every release they've dropped has been solid as hell.  Peep this band NOW!  Dig.

American Hate

Oklahoma City's American Hate plays some seriously ugly and violent hardcore punk.  These punks play fast and hard creating walls of ripping thrash riffs, spastic drum and bass work and absolutely vicious vocal snarls.  This band is menacing, dirty and plays with nonstop blazing energy.  Also, their cover of "Mr. DNA" from the always-great Devo is absolutely insane.  Snag everything below and dig!

American Hate's Greatest Hits (2015)

Dead Squeeze 7" (2014)

I'd Rather Repeat Every Mistake Cassette (2014)

Demo Cassette (2014)