Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cloud Rat

Michigan natives, Cloud Rat take grindcore to a whole new level. This trio put a new spin on the genre by adding rowdy elements of power violence, punk, and just plain thrash. I still can't get over how brutal Cloud Rat is, and I love the fact they're only a trio. Below is their discography. Download and crank the blast.      


  1. Cloud Rat is currently the only thing I listen to. Sooo good. Keep the killer brutal jamz coming

  2. Definitely some black metal influence during certain riffs.

  3. check this one out, thrashing grind from finland,recorded back in 2008. self released as cdr, 25 copies. and on tape, cant remember how many but with a different cover art.
    by no means a nazi band, although the original cover may seem that way.
    just taking the piss at everything.