Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bad Noids

Here's a good dose of deranged mutant hardcore punk from Cleveland, Ohio's Bad Noids.  These ugly sounds are frantic, obnoxious, dripping with grit and will surely leave you feeling uneasy.  Bad Noids thrashes hard, gets sloppy, spits in your face and even drops tempo into some insanely catchy stomp-friendly parts.  Snag everything below and DIG!

- For Fans Of:  Mystic Inane, CruelsterHoax & Blotter

It's A Doggie Bag World 7" (2016)

Rats Live On No Evil Star 7" (2014)

Everything From Soup To Dessert LP (2013)

Live On WFMU (2012)



  1. Hey hey! How's about a re-up of this good stuff? Let me know, PLEASE AND THANK YOU!