Sunday, November 27, 2016


Vancouver's Koszmar plays a distorted brand of noisy and forceful d-beat hardcore that barely lets up.  Koszmar's Scandinavian-influenced sound is packed with noisy walls of blazing riffs relentless drumming skills and aggressive vocals belted out in Polish.  Dudes from SNØB and Systematic rip it up in this band as well.  These guys absolutely kill it and need to be heard by everyone.  Snag their jams below and dig face!

- For Fans Of:  D-Clone, Total Fucker, Vaarallinen & Mauser

Destrukcja Flexi 7" (2015)

Nuklearna Supremacja 7" (2015)

Jeniec Wojenny LP cover art
Jeniec Wojenny LP (2013)

Polska Dupa Demo Cassette (2012)

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