Sunday, November 6, 2016


Piss hails from Berlin, Germany and plays a pummeling brand of raw d-beat hardcore.  These guys spit out walls of distorted riffs, ripping guitar squeals, fuzzed-out bass noise, constantly crashing cymbals, primitive drum beatings and rowdy vocals.  After an annihilating demo and 7'' EP, these guys finally dropped a scorching new cassette!  Snag everything below and dig!

- For Fans Of:  Systematik, Nerveskade, Mauser & Sterilized

Stuck In The Gutter Cassette (2016)

Self Titled 7" (2015)

Demo Cassette (2013)

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  1. This band is fucking brutal live. I played with them a few days after this post and they blew the roof off of the place! They did not have any of these tapes so thank you soooo much for this post!