Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nuclear Spring

Another punk supergroup has emerged. Brooklyn's Nuclear Spring have been killing it since they dropped their demo in 2011. They have a awesome retro punk sound that brings you back to the late 70's when the genre was still being found.  Knowing what the members used to be in should make you download this no matter what I tell you. So just fucking do it.  Doomtown Records released their latest rager, so snag that along with the band's other solid releases. 

- Members also Play(ed) In:  CREEMNomosNatural Law & Putrida

- For Fans Of:  BlitzSuburbanite & Savageheads


  1. seriously every newish band that i'm trying to dig up, you've posted. thanks for all the great music

  2. hi is this band still active? and do you have any contact / email to this band? i really want to write to them, i really like this band!