Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Coke Bust

Washington D.C.'s Coke Bust plays a super-fast, thrashy blend of straight-edge hardcore punk mixed with powerviolence.  These guys are fuckin' SICK!! They even share the drummer of Magrudergrind, Sick Fix & Disciples Of Christ!  Which explains why the drums are so fucking INSANE.  Technical, in-your-face circle-pit madness! Coke Bust has it all!  The way hardcore punk should sound in any generation!  Below, I posted everything I could find.  Huge thanks to oldschoolmike from onetracktohell for splitting the Obscene Extreme Fest!  It came out amazing!!  Enjoy the jamz, this shit's nutz! Especially their most recent 12" EP. Probably one of the most brutal records to come out this year. Dig.

Confined 12" EP (2013)

Live On WMUC 7" (2012)

Coke Bust / Vaccine 7" (2012)

Live At Obscene Extreme Fest, Czech Republic (2012)

Short, Fast & Loud Comp. 10" (2011)
(Coke Bust Track Only)

Degradation 7" (2010)

Lines In The Sand LP (2009)

Coke Bust / Sick Fix Live Split Cassette (2009)

Fuck Bar Culture 7" (2007)

Demo 7" (2006)


  1. Cool post!
    I'd like to mail you but I don't find your mail address. I'm writting from Uruguay, South America. I'm in a fastcore band who just put out his first self-released work. I'm sending you links to listen to or download if you're interested. Maybe you can share it in your blog.
    Thank you.

    Beatriz Carnicero - No Reces (2012)

  2. I have no idea how to contact you, but I would like you to post my band. I play drums for Bostons most hated scumbag violence brigade; Islam85. ex-members of intheshit, lowlife, colin of arabia, terminally your aborted ghost, and more bands no one gives a fuck about. heres our demo.


    cassette coming out soon on third eye grind records.


  3. Hey! Thanks for all the Coke Bust! One of my new favs! Cheers from Florida.

  4. Muchas gracias!, este sitio es grandioso! saludos desde Costa Rica.