Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mammoth Grinder

Mammoth Grinder, from Texas, is an unrelenting force of insanely heavy hardcore.  These 3 dudes make an incredible amount of noise.  Fast, ferocious and unstoppable Sabbath-like riffs are drenched with ear-piercing feedback that sounds like warning signs of the apocalypse.  Chuggy, crusty, doomy and all-around intense.  The bass is muddy as hell which blends nice with the heavy war-like drums.  These dudes are fucking awesome!  Everyone should be crankin' to these barbarians.  Everything I could find from them is posted below.  Dig.

Cosmic Crypt Demo Cassette (2014)

Underworlds LP (2013)

In & Out / See Me Hang 7" (2012)

Mammoth Grinder / Hatred Surge Split LP (2011)

Obsessed With Death 7" (2010)

Mammoth Grinder / Legion Split 7" (2010)

Extinction Of Humanity LP (2009)

No Results EP (2008)

Rage And Ruin LP (2008)

...Goes To College Cassette (2006)


  1. music submission: PLUG (feat members of mammoth grinder / iron age)

    PLUG is a heavy, noisy, sci-fi-chedelic punk band from San Antonio, TX, and our debut record is called BACK ON THE SKULL.

    The band includes Tyler Lutz (Lie and Wait, FEED), Zach Brin (Lie and Wait, FEED, Bitter End), Reed DeAngelis (Iron Age, Bitter End, The Mites), Scott Corbin (On My Side), and Raul Vela IV (FEED, The Mites, Gleeson).

    Bass on the record was played by Chris Ulsh of Mammoth Grinder, Power Trip, Hatred Surge, and The Impalers.

    We love The Melvins, Motorhead, The Wipers, Discharge, ZZ Top, Unsane, Black Sabbath, Helmet, Torche, Cactus, Pantera, etc - and we hope it reminds you of awesome shit you like.

    You can hear / download the record on our bandcamp here:

    Here is our facebook page:

    Thanks for listening, and I hope you have a great day,

    Raul Vela IV

  2. Much love my friend, awesome band

  3. thanks for the post thius would of rurely slipped by me obviously their name ending with the mantra, "Grinder" is gonna give some folks a different idea of what their sound may be like.. I can hear IMPAILERS in M,G. and that band is f'kin great too> thanks for the post,