Saturday, March 8, 2014

Backstabbers Incorporated

Picture of Backstabbers Incorporated
Where do I even start with Backstabbers Inc.?  These guys hailed from Portsmouth, NH and constructed some of the most pummeling metallic hardcore I've ever heard in my life!  These guys shredded the 2000's to bits with their clever mixture of crust, thrash and grind that's loaded with frenzied riffs, muddy bass, pulverizing drums skills and gut-turning vocal howls.  They'll tear you apart and piss on the remains.  Every crushing release they've dropped is hard hitting and incredibly intense.  This band will never fade out in my mind.  I'm still cranking a mixtape I made years ago and they sound just as great as when I first heard 'em. Snag their most recent release M.I.A. It took them ten years to write and finally release it!  Dig!

M.I.A. 12" EP (2014)

Kamikaze Missions LP (2004)

Bare As Bones : Comp. CD (2000-2003)

While You Were Sleeping CDep (2001)

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  1. Also member of Ramming Speed/As Long As We're All Living We're All Dying/One Man Army