Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hassan I Sabbah

Picture of Hassan I Sabbah
Hassan I Sabbah was epic!  From 2000-2001 these guys constructed some of the most epic and powerful screamo that Iv'e ever had the privilege of hearing.  These guys were insanely brutal with incredible amounts of passion during their live sets.  Their sound was completely chaotic and mixed with dark and moody elements.  These musicians were clever as hell, writing some technical and emotional skramz that were grinding and highly energetic with some insane build ups.  These jams are balls-to-the-wall and simply timeless.  They also had Mike Justian (Backstabbers Inc, Trap ThemThe Red ChordUnearth & 108) on the kit, who's probably one of the nastiest drummers period.  Just snag their discography below and listen to some real screamo.  Dig!

Discography (2000-2001)

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