Sunday, December 23, 2012


Massachusetts' Deathamphetamine is a thrashy, sci-fi obsessed power metal outfit that cleverly combines elements of grind, death metal and a whole lot of hardcore punk.  These guys formed in the early 2000's and shredded beyond belief with endless amounts of incredible guitar riffs and solos, thundering bass, crack-head drum complexities and gnarly growls, howls and shrieks.  These guys were a non-stop onslaught of face melting speed-freak metal that's constructed masterfully.  Everything I could possibly find from these thrashers is posted below.  I just can't seem to find their demo's anywhere.  Hook it up if you got 'em.  Dig!

The Lost Album cover art
The Lost Album Cassette (2012)

Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History cover art
Post Apocalyptic Revisionist History Cassette (2009)

DA/AA split cover art
Argento Agenda Split EP (2006)
(Deathamphetamine Tracks Only)

From Hand Axe to Laser cover art
From Hand Axe To Laser EP (2006)

DA Live on WMUA cover art
Live On WMUA (2004)

The Politics of Horror cover art
The Politics Of Horror [Single] (2004)


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  2. No need to worry, we will be back with furious vengeance very soon. gathering some gold for the comeback. We are so stoked you dig the posts! Thanks for the kind words, and we'll be back in no time.

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