Saturday, December 15, 2012


Picture of Mental
Boston's Mental was a straight edge hardcore mammoth that destroyed everything in their path.  Since 2001 these guys played a tough and raw brand of hardcore that took notes from classic NY and Boston sound.  Mental blazes through track after track with an unrelenting force of down your throat vocals, fast thrashy and chugging riffs, thundering bass and non-stop drums.  These Boston greats called it quits in 2006 and left behind some solid old-school hardcore that never gets old.  Snag everything below and spin-kick someone in the head.  Dig.

Demo II [Reissue] (2008)

Planet Mental LP (2005)

Yo! 7" (2004)

Get An Oxygen Tank LP (2003)

And You Know This! 7" (2002)

Demo Cassette (2001)

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