Monday, December 17, 2012

Quattro Stagioni

QUattro stagIonI
Quattro Stagioni was a brain-melting grind band from Germany that equally mixed elements of blistering fastcore and heavy as hell powerviolence.  Everything about this band is brutal, fast, raw and angry with machine gun drums, buzzing layers of guitar chords, muddy bass lines, chaotic shrieks and burly growls galore.  These dudes are a non-stop blast-fest that's punk as fuck and even spit out some rowdy down-tuned grooves here and there.  They lasted for a decade and created some monumental and ear splitting jams that will always blow my fucking mind.  Snag their entire discography below and grind your brains out.  Dig!

Discography CD/Cassette (1998-2008)