Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Witch Hunt

Picture of Witch Hunt
Witch Hunt hailed from Philadelphia, PA and played crusty anarcho-punk like the pro's from Europe.  Mixing heavy hardcore influences, these gals and guys created a sound on their own.  Loaded with beefy, chugging riffs, melodic breaks, thumping bass lines and howling female-fronted vocals.  This shit is crusty as fuck, punk to the core, and never letting up.  Masterfully written tracks make this band utterly timeless among the crusty hardcore abuse I've sadly listened to lately.  These jams are timeless, loaded with talent and unforgettable.  Snag everything below and dig.... DIG I Tell YOU!

-For Fans Of:  From Ashes Rise, Deathrats, Victims & Punch

Burning Bridges To Nowhere LP (2009)

Witch Hunt / To What End? Split 7" (2008)

Blood-Red States LP (2007)

This Is Only The Beginning : Collection CD (2002-2004)

(The This Is Only The Beginning Compilation CD contains material from ...As Priorities Decay LP+Demo's, a Siege cover, their Self Titled 7" and material from their split with Deathbag.)


  1. Valeu ai pelos dowloads, Witch Hunt é uma banda muito massa, eraaaa Pünk !!!!